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Hello Domain enthusiasts!πŸ‘‹
I'm seeking your insights on a crucial decision when it comes to domain selling.Do you think it's better to register and sell domains under your personal name or through a company?
What's your preference and why? Please share your experiences and tips below!πŸš€
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I recommend starting with a brand name (and matching .com, of course) and then getting corporate protection the minute you have a few spare bucks (costs vary per locality but are very reasonable in much of the USA). There are a number of reasons:
  • A company looks professional.
    • Who respects some random person? A few people, but unless you're famous, not many.
    • Nobody can tell if you are 1 person or 20.
    • You appear invested in your business.
    • You seem more trustworthy.
  • Better accounting and more tax advantages.
  • Companies can pay payroll and provide employee benefits.
    • If this becomes a significant or primary income a W-2 is trackable for personal loans.
    • You can give yourself a retirement plan, health insurance, etc.
    • Pay your family for helping out (tax advantage)
  • Companies have a separate credit score and can get loans without damaging your score.
  • Exit strategy: your "company" is a sellable asset
    • Potential for a bigger payday than portfolio alone since it includes logo, reputation, social media channels, traffic, backlinks, etc.
    • Can be sold if you lose interest or (heaven forbid) become incapacitated
    • Other members/shareholders could have access if you pass away (Again, not an attorney. You have to set it up properly.)
Obligatory disclaimer: Not a tax professional, financial planner, or lawyer. :glasses: Hypothetical benefits presume USA business.
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Thank you for your valuable insights! :giggle:
In terms of marketing - it doesn't matter, since the end user could not care less of if you are a person or a company. Meaning you will not sell better because of being a company or just a random guy (the platforms will take care of a security aspect).
From a financial standpoint - company is better, however a specific type for domaining is best is to discuss with a qualified accountant in your country.