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Hey guys :)
About to sell out all my domains that were used for guest posting business. Each one could become a lucrative option for your guest blogging revenue if you take on sponsored posts. I had received pretty frequent guest post inquiries like 4 - 6 guest post pitches per week which could turn into a paid submission; I was just busy with other businesses and couldn't afford the time to look after and process the requests (See the attachment) and just let the emails sit in my inbox.

Guest posting revenue could be good and even more amplified if you put more work on growing traffic and SEO metrics on these domains and in fact, these domains already have quite a decent status in terms of SEO metrics and cleanness in Google indexability. (100% indexable)

Have a look at the domains below and let me know if you have a question or an offer!

1. Domain: easytax.onl
* SEO Strength: DA:31 / DR:51 (Ahrefs)
* Topics: Finance, Tax, Business verticals
* Registrar: Godaddy
* Exp Date: Nov/17/2022
* Renewal Price: $17.99
* Payment: Paypal

2. Domain: lydir.com
* SEO Strength: DA:59 / DR:25
* Topics: Business, Marketing, and General topics
* Registrar: NameSilo
* Exp Date: Oct/22/2022
* Renewal Price: $9.95
* Payment: Paypal

3. Domain: theblogbite.com
* SEO Strength: DA:74 / DR:14
* Topics: General topics
* Registrar: NameSilo
* Exp Date: Oct/23/2022
* Renewal Price: $9.95
* Payment: Paypal

4. Domain: selectiverationality.com
* SEO Strength: DA:59 / DR:16
* Topics: Business vertical
* Registrar: Godaddy
* Exp Date: Nov/13/2022
* Renewal Price: $17.99
* Payment: Paypal

5. Domain: thegadgets.net
* SEO Strength: DA:38 / DR:21
* Topics: Tech, Computers, Mobile etc
* Registrar: Godaddy
* Exp Date: Jan/17/2023
* Renewal Price: $17.99
* Payment: Paypal

5. Domain: livemoneyonline.com
* SEO Strength: DA:21 / DR:6
* Topics: Money, Personal Finance, Investment etc
* Registrar: InterServer.net
* Exp Date: Oct/16/2022
* Renewal Price: $12
* Payment: Paypal


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