advice Domainers specially new domainers, stay away registering trade marks..

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Dear All,

This has been an issue specially with new domainers that they find some trademark available with some extension or they make some combination with trademarks.
These domainers just start dreaming after registring these kind of domains, and try to get attention while putting these domains in forums. They even go into the arguments after getting good adivses from expert and experienced domainers.
For all new domainers, please stop registering these trademarks, these have just no value for you. Instead it can be your nightmare.
There are several websites available to check the trademark. One can find some good websites just google it.
Rest experienced domainers can also share some good tips and links regarding trademark issues.

Remember every body can make mistakes, but accepting that mistake and than making it correct makes a man of quality.
Thanks for your time and have a nice journey in the field of domaining.
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What if they registered their TM only in one country, for example in my case in Canada? Is it safe to buy this domain and play on other markets than Canada?
There were several times where I forgot to check only to realize I took a name of an existing company. I got lucky because no trademark existed on these names....

There is one case where I (trigger happily) registered, not just a trademark, but a trademark for a company that is a consulting firm for lawyers. Quite the (literal) stroke of bad luck. It was a GD closeout auction so I couldn't grace delete. But because it's a really good name, I'm thinking of developing it (into something completely different and not vulgarly violating the "bad faith" clause). Or just shutting up and waiting til it expires...