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    There is a company called Domain Supply System that is contacting domain owners.

    Registration Service Provided By: Symphisis Company
    Registrant Contact:
    Dan Johnson ()
    185 Torresdale Ave.

    They are offering domains like the .com version of a domain you already own. For mine, they did not own the domain as it was unregistered. However, when I used the link in their email to check the price, the domain was then registered by their system!

    This kind of business (I don't consider it a scam, but it's close) is common, but this is the first one I have seen that locks up the domain if you show any interest in it. Pretty clever, huh...? Up until now I have only seen ones where they don't own the domain and hope you will not check, or ones that are "tasting" the domain and hope they can sell it before they have to ask for a refund from the registrar.

    Anyway, if you have any interest in the domain in emails like this: DON'T CLICK on the links and check it out first. :)
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  2. Jake

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    I'm wondering if maybe you can get back at them a little..

    If the link in the email was like and it registered, you could visit that link with a bunch of crappy domains on the end, so their system registers them.

    It's not the right thing to do by any means, but if your feeling kind of angry at them..... ;)
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    Thanks for the info.
  4. nielsencl

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    Jake: That thought crossed my mind, but they use a number in the link and not the domain name. I might do some testing and see if the number system is esequential or random. I've posted a copy of their email in my blog.

    Update: The numbers they use are sequential. I just checked about 40 domains to see what the list looked like. It appears to be a deleted domain list, so most of the names were not very good. It wouldn't be hard to "check" a large number of domains to "see what they are", but that would lock them up for someone that really wanted to buy one, so I don't think that is a good thing to do.

    A better option is to report them for spam. This should be very effective and is they only real problem I have with what they are doing. Heck, I'd love to be able to sell most of my domains for even $50 each. If they can provide a good service and make some nice money, well how is that different from other companies that sell things? Just be cause you know for sure the obscene profits they are making...? Yeah, it bugs me to, but other people's greed is their business as long as it's not a scam where someone doesn't get what they expect.

    Anyway, if you get one of these emails and want to report them as a spammer, use the WHOIS somewhere and get their IP for their web site. Then send the email with headers to the abuse address for that IP. is a good place to lookup the information.

    And if you are really ticked off, send a copy to the abuse address of the domain registrar as well. Some are jerks, but some like may suspend the domain and you KNOW that's gonna hurt. Losing hosting bugs spammers, but they can just move to another host. Losing a domain really shuts them down and also costs them a few bucks and IMO ALL registrars should suspend domains of confirmed spammers.
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  5. bizcorp

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    thanks for sharing. Definitely got to be on guard when you get contacted from places like this.
  6. LilBlackDress

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    Very interesting. Thank you for sharing this. The things people will do...
  7. co2

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    Had the same thing like it a wile back, but don't think it was the same company.
    The domain was dropped several days later. Done me a favour I got the dot com for reg fee. So keep an eye on it, but be careful where checking for it, and don't check till some time has passed. It will probably get dropped. CO2

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