Do you sell domain names wholesale to other investors, or strictly retail to end users?

  • This poll is still running and the standings may change.
  • strictly retail sales

  • occasional wholesale

  • mix of retail/wholesale

  • mainly sell to domainers

  • This poll is still running and the standings may change.

I am interested in seeing how many people sell only to end users, or those that sell most of the time, or occasionally, wholesale to other domain investors. Thanks for voting in the poll, and feel free to post comments on the topic as well. I am not sure, but I may develop a NamePros Blog article around this topic.

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I chose 'mix', because afterwards I sometimes notice that I have sold a domain via a marketplace to another domainer unknown to me. It's not my goal to sell to peers, but in the lower price tiers it happens that both end users and domainers get their money's worth.


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We are not given info about buyers, because either agents don't want to lose a sale; or want lion's share , not just their commission, from a sale. So we can't know whether we are selling to endusers or agents or invesotrs, or domainers. Agents may sound more professional to endusers, so endusers may be willing to pay more if an agent is used, but this doesn't mean your selling price would be higher, and it might just mean, proability of selling went down.
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1st Year: Retail: about 2% of portfolio sold to end users, some with installments.
Now: Mainly wholesale. It happened to me recently to hold even $7.5K GD appraised domains for less than 1 week and sell them for little profit.
advantage: Very few or no renewals at all
disadvantage : the value of good domains always rises, the value of some of the them is multiplied by 10 after a few months, especially trend domains.
So it's always a good thing for me to hold a little bit to see what happens.
PS: some names, for example non pronouncable 4Ls with non premium letters have been bought and sold tens of times over more than 20 years, at wholesale market, sometimes with profit, and sometimes with loss, without ever finding an end user. I think it's something to think about.
This said, I think from my modest experience that wholesale is far less profitable than retail, but it keeps the liquidity running. I think it's a good model, especially for people like me who don't have a great capital to reserve for this business, who have an other main job, other career aspirations, and some free time.
I find domaining to be an exciting journey where everyone can have a piece of the pie. Everyone can be a winner with very moderate risk taking, no matter what business model you choose.
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i sell to whomever makes best offer or buys the domain at BIN price.

retail, wholesale is vague, if you're talking about closing sales amounts.
where is the cutoff, $5K, $10K, $30K or what?
as the wholesale price of one name could be higher than retail price of similar domain.

i believe, anyone who has been domaining for more than a decade has sold at least one name, to another domainer, whether they know it or not.

domainer budgets are higher than past years and some are going all out.

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