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discuss Do you buy domains because of its backlinks profile?


Shaun Lun

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So I have been buying and selling domains, not much but starting out though.

Recently I found interests in domains with already existing backlinks. This basically stems from my struggle to get backlinks when developing blogs.

Do you guys buy domain just because of the backlink profile it has? How do you evaluate the pricing based on the backlinks.
It's a tough question and many investors don't look at backlinks at all.

Those that do, have reasons for it. Such as but not limited to:

  • Reseller targeting backlink brokerages
  • A backlink brokerage
  • Reseller targeting mini site or affiliate campaign developers.
  • A mini site or affiliate developer.
  • Reseller targeting existing companies in need of in-house backlinks assets.
  • A company in need of in-house backlinks assets.
  • Reseller targeting traffic brokerages
  • A traffic brokerage.
Then, on top of that, not all backlinks are created equal. Some are powerful, others are worthless, and some will hurt the site it links to.

The source of the backlinks is critical in determining value.

You can check a backlinks brokers rates to see what a specific niche, tld, or quality of page costs per link and then apply those rates to the assets backlinks value to go towards the total evaluation.

It's not a perfect science, but it is a logical one.
Backlinks indicate it was developed at some point. They are good to have but traffic is a more reliable indicator of value.
I agree, traffic is another value variable.

The trick to traffic though is determining the source, quality, and targeting as to whether it will have value to the buyer being presented with it.

The higher the quality, better the source, and better the targeting = the better conversion % = the higher the value.

Shaun Lun

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Yes traffic is a good indicator and at the same time the quality. Spammy traffic would mean nothing or even worse than no traffic.

In regard to backlinks, I think it does add much value if it already has backlinks from huffposts or other high authority sites with a proper anchor in the relevant articles. The site was no doubt developed in the past for which such backlinks were created.


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Something similar to this, I imagine there are domainers that do focus on backlinks, active sites that drop ('accidentally') and buy them with a good feeling that they can sell back to previous owner. I never did this and don't know how realistic it is, but if I were looking for backlinks, this is what I would try determining with that info.