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Do you acquire domain names from

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I am interested to know, how many domain name investors are buying / hunting for domain names over at Flippa?

After reading a few threads on NamePros, I was considering highlighting some names for sale at Flippa, but is this somewhere that you are buying domain names?

D Haynes

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Once was a time 4/5 years ago that Flippa was the go to marketplace for domainers (as I remember it). They only dealt in domain names then. I bought and sold a few names there in auctions when I first started domaining without any issues. Then they got too popular and over saturated with rubbish and over the top reserves. There was also a lot of suspicion of favouritism around the "super sellers" getting editors choice and extra promotion on poor names. I think they then fell out of favour with domainers and expanded into selling websites and businesses with dubious earning figures. I believe they were sold at one point(?) and their best asset Kevin left meaning customer support was almost non existent. From there its become a shadow of its former self as far as domains are concerned.

Having said all that I bought a name there about 3 weeks ago for the first time in years so I had to answer yes.
Bought two great LLL.coms on flippa back in 2013 and 2017. Just listed a two word domain on there last week to see if it is alive.

Funny enough the one from 2017 is no longer in my history - may have to do something with the person behind that sold it to me. Will be interesting if my sale works out - actually got one bid so far, then again its at about 10% of domain value (yes there is a reserve...)

Mike Goodman

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Last time I looked it was $10 in advance to list a name plus 10% of the proceeds once sold. For that, I didn't see too many sales. Oh so many bidders looking for a cheap way in, $10 was a huge bid for many.

For the buyer, sellers are now allowed to put a minimum bid price in far too late in the game for that to be equitable.

Seems the site has lost its mojo. Does it have a future?


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Does it have a future?

I don't think it has a future.

When you buy a business you are expected to make the things better. Interestingly what I have observed since the last 10 years is that many new owners have made good online services worse. I don't remember any popular website that has improved after sold. This is weird. Isn't it?

Some examples I remember now and may add more if I remember later:
sitepoint > flippa
Probably many newbies don't know. Flippa was formerly sitepoint. I was actively buying-selling websites there. Sitepoint had a good, popular marketplace in 2000's. Then they announced they were sold. The new owners moved the sitepoint marketplace to a new domain, flippa.
I used in domain and website transactions. it was a good service in the past before it changed hands. The new owners started to ask for personal documents like flippa. Now most people stay away from When my buyer refuses to give his personal documents to I understand him as I too would never give my documents to an online website unless they are clearly a financial institution. Flippa and escrow are not providing financial services in my opinion as they don't give loan, collect deposits, give ATM/credit cards, provide investment services etc. They only show themselves as if they are required by law. I don't believe that argument.

afternic > gd
it was better before sold to gd.
I stopped using Flippa when they rebranded their whole site and change the whole format (about 3 years ago?). They changed everyones username to their real name and tried to turn it into some kind of buying and selling of businesses type platform, rather than just domains and website.

It's become too bloated and complex, and the fees see too high as well.

I rarely go on there anymore, if at all.
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