Do we have to rely only on the Chinese market?

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  1. 2Faisal

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    Hello Pros,

    I was wondering on the last years why we should rely and depend on China Market?
    The Domains Industry is not only targeting one Market and we have to start from this point ,,
    I believe that trading in this area of business (Domain Names) is a culture so we need to be opened to all cultures ..
    Since we are not exactly opened to other Geo Markets such as Japan, Korea, GCC(Saudi Arabia, Emirates, etc), India, ..
    We can see huge potentials and markets makers in Domain Industries all around the world and we need to rethink again how the strategies of SELLING & Buying are always changing ..
    I was starting Domaining since 2001 and I'm always learning .. still looking for thoughts .. and I opened this thread to discuss all issues that we should avoid to get ride of market movement limitation ..

    Your thought and input is important .. so please tell us what you think ..

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  2. Kassey Lee

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    China is perhaps the first domain market to become significant besides the US and Europe, but will not be the last. Japan, for example, is potentially a large market though currently not ready for action yet.
  3. 2Faisal

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    I believe that China is one of the most significant factor in Domaining Industries but not the ONLY one ..
    Yes I agree about the example of Japan, but we should also be ready to take actions!

    I appreciate your comment Kassey
  4. Ab Peter

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    I agreed seriously with you, It became the way it is because china was a client force to reckon with, the market proved to be profitable, But all in all, we need to indeed explore or even ripen other market places. Other markets will come, but at present slowly due to the global shape of the world's economy.
    Its really good to look beyond china.
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  5. 2Faisal

    2Faisal Faisal

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    Yes Ab Peter, the Economic drought effects most of industries, and as you said we have to look around .. we should not be stuck with one and ignore others .. Thanks
  6. Proper_Sharp

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    In short: There are enough domainers on NamePros to influence a market shift.

    Just as people can influence change in the stock market and create a shift towards a certain market, you can do the same with domains. All it would take is enough of you to make a big deal out of something and to generate interest in one of these other markets. You're right, there isn't much interest at the moment but I see domaining like a business, you have to generate interest, if enough of you get together and work together to make a target country aware of the potential of having a branded/personal/related domain then you can create change.

    If I wanted to target Japan, I'd get a lot of great domainers from here, people who are experienced and have the work ethic, not people who want to get rich in two weeks, but people who know that if something is going to happen they have to go out and get it. Once I had enough people, I would discuss with them making a mass purchase of domains for Japan and once we had enough and felt like we had a huge and varied portfolio then I'd start the next step which is creating awareness in Japan, marketing, throwing domains in peoples faces (there is more to this but this is just a general overview). All it takes is for a few big companies to get great domains and publicity and then all the others jump on the bandwagon.

    This is by no means easy and it's not a guide on how it should be done but it's a similar formula to what I do and have done in other business areas and it works.

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