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UPDATE: This issue was solved after I contacted an account manager at Directnic, and he emailed me back with a detailed message, and apologized for the struggle I went through saying that it was a their system detected something but it was a false positive. I won't lie the experience was frustrating, but after this guy named Brian from Directnic addressed my issue, everything seems to be ok now :) LESSON YOU CAN LEAR: IF YOU HAVE A BUSINESS, MAKE SURE THE CUSTOMER SUPPORT IS YOUR PRIORITY 1


I opened an account for the first time with directnic.com which is a registrar that I never used in my life. I purchased 2 domains with them, the next day my account was locked and I can't access it.

I talked with someone in chat, and asked if I did something wrong, they said "No you did not", here is what he said:

I see the account was locked by our security system. You did nothing wrong. However, in order to bypass the security lock I will need you to send some picture identification like a driver's license or passport to [email protected]

The weird thing is that, after looking online, this same issue happened to other people who are saying this company is a scam, so I'm not sure if this is a legit company or they are some kind of scam really... they don't even have anything mentioned about data protection in their site, and they don't seem to be a GDPR compliant!

Should I trust them? (knowing that they didn't trust me as a total new customer)



I went back and chat with them and I had a very bad treatment, here is the discussion:

John 15:33
Hello, How may I help you today?
me 15:34
Hi, can you please unlock my account which I just created recently without doing anything but buying from your service :)
John 15:35
Thanks for chatting back in regarding accessing your account. Happy to assist.
me 15:35
I just received your email
John 15:36
me 15:38
and to be honest I'm not really comfortable sharing personal things, as I am a domainer I asked for advice in a forum I'm a member of and someone who had the same issue with you was not asked for anything, others say that there is no reason if I did no wrong act and I'm still wondering what wrong I did, I don't think I violated anything and I have read your whole terms from start to finish
John 15:39
Your account was flagged for a manual review by our security system and we requested an ID to unlock it. I understand your hesitation to provide personal information like an ID, but you did already provide a credit card and we are simply asking for an ID that matches.
me 15:39
if you like I can send you something like a bank statement
John 15:39
Do you have an ID?
me 15:40
or record you a video in my bank account if the identity is what you are looking for
John 15:40
You seem to be going out of your way to get around showing an ID.
me 15:42
why I would to? I trust you and as you said I gave my card data, so why would you not trust me + I did nothing that violate your terms
John 15:42
Either provide the requested ID or the account will remain locked.
me 15:43
are you serious talking that way? is this how you treat people?
John 15:44
Refusing to provide an ID is an indicator that our security scanner was correct to lock your account for review.
This lock prevents fraud, like identify theft or credit card theft.
me 15:45
ok what about showing you that I was asking for advice in many places :)
John 15:45
What you found on third party-websites from people that do not represent Directnic is not relevant. Government-issued photo ID please.
me 15:46
sorry :) thank you again for your treatment you are very nice.
John 15:46
My pleasure! Thank you for contacting Directnic. Have a great day.
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