Did you know that EscrowDomains.com is owned and operated by Greenberg & Lieberman (APLegal.com) innovative domain / IP attorneys in Washington DC?


Did you know that EscrowDomains.com is owned and operated by Greenberg & Lieberman (APLegal.com)?

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  • No, but I prefer my current escrow process/company.

  • Yes, I am a regular or one time client.

  • I was not aware, but will visit EscrowDomains.com or call (301) 588-2849 for more information

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I joined to check around but at the tax form section I saw that your W-8BEN form required "Foreign tax identifying number", which I don't have so I can't really use your service.

I've been signing W-8BEN forms all my life and I never have to give that info. Not one of the companies rejected my forms.
We are happy to take a W8-Bene on paper as well, but you can just write N/A in that space if you do not have one.
NamePros accepted advertising $$$ from a good and trusted escrow provider. A good sign.

I know that EscrowDomains.com is owned and operated by Greenberg & Lieberman. I think I have an account (migrated from another brand), but I do not use it as I sell exclusively via marketplaces. So, I did not vote in this poll (no such option). However, should I need to use an escrow service due to some reason (customized or otherwise exotic transaction T&C most likely), I will definitely consider EscrowDomains :)
Thank you very much for considering us. I do hope to put up a marketplace one day, but then I have lots of projects I would like to get done one day. :angelic:
Your dedicated domain escrow website looks good, and exudes a lot of authority because of your great expertise. I definitely think this domain name forum is the ideal place for you to attract new clients in the domain escrow niche. It takes a switch to find the most comfortable form to bring the escrow part to the attention of a new group of domainers in a natural way. Is it a service for the masses, or bespoke? I would most certainly appreciate some words where you describe the competitive advantage your domain escrow solution has, compared to other domain escrow solutions. The floor is yours :)
I originally imagined it as a service for the masses, but it is truly bespoke as although we can do the straight escrow transaction easily enough, 1 buyer, 1 seller swap, what we can do better than anyone else is the strange and more complex transactions. Our system allows for contractual addendums to be uploaded so it intermixes the paper contract where needed with the online tracking system. Our other advantages are my knowledge of the industry after 26 years, ability to make and advise on legal details and the client's ability to pick up the phone and just give us a call if something / anything is needed.
Oooh, oooh, I got one....

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And there you have it !!!!!
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Since there's W-8BEN, will there be additional taxes imposed on the final payout?
The W8-Bene is what has to be filled out so we do not have to withhold any tax. It is only if it is not filled that we have to withhold taxes.
I have used Escrowdomains before and although I don't remember all the details now because it was in 2018, it was a nice experience for both me and the seller.
Thank you for the kind words. Please give us a try again.
Was there any news on the Internet.com domain auction? I notice it has been "Pending Domain Name Sale" for a while now....

Also, in the initial press release:


it mentioned:

Are you able to say which domain name changed hands for $105 million??!!??
Negotiations are ongoing with one party and no, I am not able to state any of the info about the 105 million dollar sale as the confidentiality agreements around that transaction prevent me from saying anything.
Just hit another roadblock. I was setting up info for the "Disbursement" page but I don't see any way to choose crypto at all despite it being mentioned elsewhere and here. Is crypto now not available?
Crypto is available but we currently do it by hand. Just let David or I know that you wish disbursement to be via crypto and we will make it happen. Are you aware that there is a $250 crypto fee? my email is [email protected] and dave's is either [email protected] or [email protected]. I am also available via phone (202) 625-7016 or skype: stevanlieberman or whatsapp or gchat.
Are you aware that Greenberg & Lieberman can be found in Second Life?

1. No, but I do not use Second Life.

2. I was not aware, but do prefer Metaverse.

3. Yes, I visit Second Life frequently.

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Thanks, I have not thought about SecondLife in some time. I enjoyed that place a lot. I have a lot of hope for the Metaverse and how it will integrate with augmented reality. Has anyone thought about using domains inside an augmented reality chanel?
@stevanlieberman , can escrowdomains.com provide some paperwork, like sedo do: sales agreement, billing documents that I can show In bank in order to explain the money source and amount.
Anf, we can and do all the time upon request.
I would hazard a guess the $105m probably Fairway's purchase of home.com via A-Miller. Whilst he didn’t say, he left enough breadcrumbs for me to work it out. I’m sure when the next SEC filing is due, you’ll tell us all anyway GK.
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