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registries Did the .VN registry just completely disable WHOIS?



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Received a domain alert for a .VN domain today that some entries had been changed.

When checking whois it turned out

- the registration date was changed to 14 April 1994 (which is the day the .VN TLD was launched), while the real registration date was only about two years ago.

- WHOIS is now displaying the "Ministry of Information and Communications of Socialist Republic of Viet Nam" for the domain and

- the nameservers are displayed to be A{through G}.DNS-SERVERS.VN

The domain is still in the account, the real nameservers still appear to be active.

This appears to be displayed in WHOIS for all .VN registrations now, while the real data (appears to have) remained unchanged.

.VN whois


Does anyone have any background details on this? Is this simply phasing out WHOIS in favor of RDAP, or does this have any legal background?