Definite and indefinite articles in domains



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Hi all /

I have a question.
Can articles in domains be dropped like they sometimes dropped in newspaper headlines? And how dropping them can affect the value?

For example, what's better for a website with info on hurricane preparedness, survivehurricane.com or surviveahurricane.com?

Now let's talk about the definite article, the. Let's say we need a domain for some website related to a specific drought going on somewhere, what's better fightdrought.com or fightthedrought.com?

P.S. My examples are gloomy.. hurricanes, droughts, nothing better came to mind, sorry :Z I guess I need some sleep. Nightie night GMT+3 and neighbors.

Duncan Burgess

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From what I've observed it's usually a case to case basis but as a general rule unless it's a very specific statement you're better missing out an "a" or "the"
For example I own "WhyleavetheEU.com/.net" and but I let WhyLeaveEU.com go because it wasn't the exact question people search for. However two words put together with no article would tend to be more brandable in my view. But if you have the money buy both!

If it's for your own website take the best fit but usually if you're looking for a sell on, drop the article unless it's absolutely necessary.