Data Usage increase??

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  1. mis_chiff

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    Was wondering if anyone could tell me what it means when
    I get a message like this

    I used to get the bandwidth notices so I would increase it, that has resolved
    but not sure why all of a sudden [10 years online] I am getting Data usage notices.
    Nothing has changed on the website in the way it has been running to affect this.

    Should I be looking at my host...or the website structure?

    Thanks for any help :)
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  2. RazorNF

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    Bandwidth is how much data is transferred. Disk space is the amount of storage you are taking up on the server's hard drive.

    What kind of site do you run? Does your site allow uploads from users?

    Do you use whm/cpanel reseller account - can you change that particular site's space quota on your own?

    If not, may need to change plans or move to a new host - 500 megs these days isn't alot.
  3. Kate

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    You probably have a lot temporary files.
    Rebooting the server may help, otherwise you need to dig and find out which directory takes up disk space.
  4. DU

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    Probably 10 years worth of logs .... maybe a backup or two....

    500MB? That's nothing even if in today's world most of the data is splatted into tables. That's only one video.

    Your provider may have just got stricter on monitoring space - I know hostgator now provides clear information on CPanel on bandwidth and file limits (to my knowledge, most sites are more concerned with # of files than anything as that can be a resource drain on system maintenance)

    What do you pay? One loony a month? You get more space with free hosts.
  5. mis_chiff

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    It's a reseller acct [my own] so I can change it. [cPanel]

    As for uploads, that is what I'm looking at today - it's a directory
    with just links, no articles. It's a big db but nothing that has made it
    reach the disk quota before.

    Thanks, I removed the temp files but it didn't make much of a difference.
    Something made it jump and I haven't figured that out yet.

    No the logs were always managed and kept clean.

    I've never understood the data/bandwidth numbers, I just found what worked and set it :)


    Update, While looking through the FTP/cPanel for files I found the Link.tpl file
    was missing as well ? wth

    So spike in data usage and a missing file? No one else has access to admin or host.


    I have upped the limits and replaced the file - currently all working again.
    But that missing file has me stumped!

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