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Dan.com Staff
DAN.COM (formerly known as Undeveloped.com) is on a path to be become the biggest domain marketplace in the world. We use state of the art technology to solve everyday problems buyers and sellers in the domain industry face. At DAN.COM we focus on automating most processes required to buy & sell domains to increase a more efficient and active secondary market for domains.

What sets us apart is our strong focus on product development and customer satisfaction. We leave nothing to chance and every single feature and element we introduce is professionally and carefully designed and built.

DAN.COM is ranked in the top 5 best-rated marketplaces in the world (According to the biggest review platform Trustpilot) and in the domain industry, we're the domain marketplace with the highest rating with an average of 9,4 out of 10 points.

At DAN.COM you will get the highest value for the lowest commission around. Due to our domain transfer automation, we can offer significantly faster handling of domain transactions and payouts (usually within 24 hours) at the lowest fee charged by any domain marketplace.

We've been the first on many fronts and proudly will continue to keep innovating. We were the first to offer optimized for sale pages since 2013, the first to provide payment plans in the form of lease to own and rentals and also the first and only domain marketplace offering free SSL on all domains parked with us for over a year now.

Read more about DAN and our future plans here: https://blog.undeveloped.com/a-big-leap-forward-3a3cc59ed418

This thread is created to act as an informal communication board between the DAN team and the domain community. Feel free to post feedback here and to discuss how you use DAN.

What this thread is not meant for is support. Please contact our support team here: [email protected] when you need assistance.

Previous reviews under old brand: https://www.namepros.com/threads/undeveloped-com-experience.893201/
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