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Sedo, Afternic, Dan all are great platforms . But I would also like to add DaaZ .com here.

Why should you care about DaaZ .com ?

DaaZ .com was started in 2018. And it's a 3+ year old company now.

You can't compare DaaZ to sedo or afternic. Because every marketplace is different in their own set of benefits.

As a regular DaaZ .com user I can share some great benefits that DaaZ brings for the buyers & sellers.

1: DaaZ .com is charging 7% success fees only for marketplace and auction domains. No hidden fees .

You can see all DaaZ .com sales from here .


Apart from these sales many sales are unreported . All DaaZ Secure Transaction sales are unreported.

2 : DaaZ .com accepting the AMEX Card Payments with low industry fees. It's certainly a thing to consider .

3 : DaaZ .com also supports Crypto Payments (BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC) . Crypto Payments are getting adopted by the world. And this is definitely a great benefit for the buyers and sellers.

4 : DaaZ .com allows you to list your domains in auction for free .

You can set a realistic reserve price. If your domain doesn't sell in auction then you also have a chance to contact the highest bidder to complete the sale.

5 : DaaZ .com also has a unique feature. And that's DaaZ Secure Transaction. By using DaaZ Secure you can sell multiple domains in a single transaction.

If you got a lead for your domain then simply import that lead to DaaZ .com and complete the transaction.

You will have to pay 5% success fees only. The best part is, you can split that fees into 50%-50% . Or you can also ask the buyer to pay the whole 5% fees.

6 : DaaZ .com cares about their sellers and buyers. And that's why they have near 24/7 Live Chat Support.

Got a question ? Ask to DaaZ Chat Support.

7 : DaaZ .com also supports the " Lease to Own " option. It means you can sell your domains on monthly installments with 8% success fees only.

8 : DaaZ .com allows bulk edit & delete options that will save your time.

9 : DaaZ .com also has a YouTube channel to clear all your doubts .

10 : DaaZ .com has one more great feature and that is Account Balance . You can add balance to your account. And use that balance to purchase domain names.

11 : DaaZ .com wants to save your time. It's very easy to add and delete domain names on DaaZ .com

12 : DaaZ .com has some simple landing pages that encourage buyers to complete the sale.

When the buyer visits your domain on DaaZ .com landing page, the DaaZ Live Chat Support Team helps the buyer to understand the whole buying and payment process. And it increases the likelihood of a sale.

You can use these two nameservers,

ns1.daaz.org , ns2.daaz.org

13 : DaaZ .com is one of the most trusted domain name aftermarkets on TrustPilot . Many domainers have reviewed DaaZ .com there. And most of the reviews are very encouraging.

If you want to learn more about DaaZ .com then simply search " DaaZ Official Thread " in NamePros search bar. You will see many positive reviews there also.

14: DaaZ .com " Featured Listings " is a great way to get more exposure for your domains.

DaaZ advertises " Featured Listings " domains on different social media platforms. You can see their Twitter account.

15 : DaaZ .com " Auction Bot " is one more beneficial feature for the buyers. The Auction Bot allows the buyer to bid even if they're offline .

16 : DaaZ .com puts efforts to make your domain transfers and payouts faster and smoother.

DaaZ. com is certainly not a big company like Sedo & Afternic. But they're trying hard to solve the buyers and sellers problems.

They're also bringing new sets of landing pages in a few days.

DaaZ is making its attempts to improve every day to help the domain sellers & buyers.

You should definitely try DaaZ .com once.

Have a great day,



CRM manager @ DaaZ.com
DaaZ is good platform, its similar with DAN when we compare on certain feature.
We are not quite similar.. there are quite some unique features too

a) we have a dedicated buyers interface focusing on repeat buyers to track their history.

b) we also have DaaZ Secure - portfolio sales feature - again this is to help to domainers who sell multiple names at a time
c) We also allow free auction submissions
d) we charge only 5% success fee for BIN sales
e) we also offer a number of extra hours live chat support than most major marketplaces - near 24/7 support
f) we charge only 7% success fees for make an offer & auctions.. 8% for lease to own
g) we dont take indirect fees from buyers like credit card fees

like that we can list a lot more differences.. We really want to solve the complex problems for domainers... faster, better and cheaper is our slogan, we are in no rush to be rich or successful. Because our objective is to solve the problems than making money at this stage.
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