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    I was almost scammed recently by a person that seemed to be interested in a sublet apartment that I had placed online. I want everyone to be fully equipped to respond to this type of behavior. We need to act fast because given the dynamics of the web, time is everything.
    Here is a link to the government website which deals with these matters very seriously. Take action and report these matters immediately. People's lives are ruined because of these conartists.

    Please feel free to share stories/experiences and let's make this thread readily available to everyone in the NamePros community. It is extremely important to each of us personally and professionally. Maybe we can have a link on the home page so that it is READILY available and accessible. We as a community can post all of the incidences of fraud we have encountered so that we can be protected in the future.

    I will post the emails after I meet with authorities tomorrow. I have had enough of this fraud!

    Manmeet Soin aka punjabi007
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    Thanks for sharing this info.... I'm sure it will come in handy for a lot of us, considering this type of thing happens so often.

    Good Luck in resolving your issue-

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    OK I'll share one (might have shared this one in another thread here before so please forgive me :) - since thats what the thread author wants the focus to be, I'll mention it here again). I'm sure a lot of people on this forum hire programmers/designers on the net. I've used elance, scriptlance and others. Scriptlance seems to be a popular one. I worked with someone on there who goes by the user name 'upstateupgrades' or 'upstatedesign' - His real name is Gene Fields. I purchased a script from him for $75. Before payment he responded promptly to all questions. After payment I didn't hear from him or get the script for 2 days. He finally responded saying it should've been sent automatically but he's attached it to that email. I downloaded the zip, tried to install it and it wouldn't even install. Then no responses to my emails for another 3 days. I had to get going on the site so I went ahead and purchased another script from someone else (paid that person even more for it) thinking since I'm not using this guy's script I would get my money back. Wrong. When 3 days later I asked for refund, he finally responded saying he was ready to help me. I told him I had already purchased a similar script elsewhere since I had no idea when he would (if ever) get around to responding to my emails. He then refused to give my money and disappeared. Paypal wouldn't help me after a couple of phone calls so I gave up on it. In the scheme of things $75 is not a whole lot of money but ANY amount of money you lose is still a loss. Beware of this user.
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    Thanks for that info Evilhaider and thanks for starting this thread punjabi. :)
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