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Website: https://CryptocurrencyPrice.xyz

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A website for sale with a Killer keyword in the category [Cryptocurrency Price].
Perfect keyword with a high CPC.

Website features:
  • Completely Automated Website.
  • 13000+ Cryptocurrencies including NFTs.
  • Historical Chart data.
  • 500+ Exchanges and Volume data.
  • Daily Top Gainers and Top Loosers.
  • Latest News headlines from Cointelegraph.com.
  • Multiple color Schemes for the website.
  • Convert 13000+ crypto into any currency with Calculator.
  • Multiple Currencies.
  • Realtime Live price updates for each crypto coin.
  • Admin Panel with Complete control over the website.

New Website and Domain So that:
No Traffic Data
No keyword Ranks
No Adsense

Keyword: Cryptocurrency Price
Monthly Search Result & CPC
USA: 1,35,000 with $16 CPC.
UK: 33000 with $9 CPC.
Australia: 14000 with $6 CPC

Registrar Godaddy
Domain Expiry: November 2023
Payment: Paypal/Bank/Wallets.

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