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domains Crypto.Swiss believes its domain name is the most valuable in Crypto.



The hub of Crypto in Switzerland is born through the perfect equation of Crypto.Swiss. Crypto represents the modern, the future of the financial world, and the age of blockchain businesses worldwide on one side of the equation. The dot is the balance of the equation adding the internet opening up to the world through the World Wide Web. Whilst the other side is balanced with the trust, stability and regulations that the Swiss government and banking system brings.

“For me, it is the perfect domain name. Our base in Crypto Valley in Switzerland should immediately soothe people’s trust issues with Crypto. I think our domain name has been integral to our immediate successes. It is mathematically perfect. We are now looking to expand. I am looking to work with visionaries and investors to see where Crypto can lead us. I want the world to start fresh and start new. To lose the old ways and move into an age of blockchain in all business. I need the right partners to help me with my vision.” - Maurits Rijkeboer, owner and founder of Crypto.Swiss

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I suspect would be a fine challenger. :) Nice domain.
Yeah, will I take "crypto dot com", "bitcoin dot com", "defi dot com"...or "crypto dot swiss"

The choice is so painfully hard. Its so hard, I'm not sure if I know which one I would rule out first
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.Swiss - One of the most difficult names to register with very strict regulations and ongoing checks on the use of the name. That alone is a name killer.

Meta.Swiss is still available to register, what does that tell you? is the most valuable domain in the meta space!!!