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Hello, any of you interested in the CRYIPTO.COM premium typo? I suppose this would be one of the top generic word typo domain names that can be acquired in the near future! The reasoning underlying my hypothesis is set out below.

  • The crypto wallet platform CRYPTO.COM receives about 13.1 million visits per month and has achieved a global ranking of 3516 according to the Web analytics platform Similar.com.
  • You would get no reasonable mix of typos on the term CRYPTO to register.
  • The term CRYIPTO is more likely to hit the keyboard, even psychologically. (After seeing this name, you may have a mental tendency to make this typo :xf.wink:)
  • Google's trend analysis reveals the probability of interest on the term CRYIPTO would be higher in the future, in particular in the United States.
  • All keywords related to crypto and blockchain are approved by the BODIS for this domain name.
  • Associated crypto keywords are so expensive in the online advertising market.
  • It would be a perfect name for someone interested in long-term static income.

Registrar: Sav.com, LLC
Registry Expiry Date: 2023-04
Transfer : Domain Push
Payment: Escrow service of DAN


If you are interested in this domain name, please submit your offer by personal message. My expectation is between $7777 and $9999. Thank you.

Disclaimer: I have not yet analyzed its potential to generate passive revenues from the parking service as I recently acquired. I want to sell it to generate seed capital for other investments in the field.
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