Content Type for Social Domains - Help



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Hello Team

I have bunch of social domains e.g filipino.me, norwegian.me, pakistani.me etc. I have around 20 domains like that. I am thinking of developing them more like in the autopilot or user generated, curated content type.

What can be best ideas to put up there? Something with a) low cost development, b) duplicable on multiple domains, c) engage users for participation e) low maintenance & attention (Imp).

What are latest trends? I am out of touch.

1) News Feed
2) Discussion Forum
3) Q&A
4) Videos from Youtube
5) Directory
6) Any Viral Content ? (but where to get)
7) Classified
8) Affiliate Stores
9) <>
10) <>

Any comment will be appreciated. Not sure what is popular nowadays.


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I think get out of word "Social". Its more broader term.

I am looking for a User Generated Content Type Site, Anything where either some content is syndicated (retrieved from other sources) eg Videos from Youtube or News from Feeds plus any other UGC content like Forums, QA, Curated Content etc.

The heading of my post says "Social" because these domains are "social" category (they belong to particular society) but I am not necessarily looking for a social network or a social profile. I am just looking to generate some traffic & revenue from these unsold domains.

I have domains like punjabi.me, with millions of people who are punjabi lives in different parts of world. Think from that perspective. What can I do to build a site for punjabis atleast get get some revenue going with more n more user generated content (means I dont have to create it myself but give them a platform).