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Common numeric domain name applications:
  • (1) Chinese homophonic

    Because of some historical reasons, Chinese people have a bias towards numbers, "seeking good fortune and avoiding evil". Some numbers represent "good luck" in people's eyes. For example, numbers "8", "6" and "9" have always had auspicious connotations, and there are even some words like "88 hair", "66 shun" and "changchang 99".And in the Internet era, this kind of homophone culture is played to the extreme, like the number "5", "7", "3" with "play, network", "eat, go", "shang, shang" homophone, favored by game entertainment industry, tourism and catering industry, e-commerce platform and other terminal enterprises, as well as like 520 "I love you", 1314 "lifetime" and so on.
  • (2) Year domain name

    This kind of domain name basically appears on 4L, as the name implies is corresponding to the recent years.For example, if this year is 2020, 2020.com would be a year domain name, and so on.Year domain name is also one of the types visited by many enterprises, which can show that an enterprise has a long history of development.
  • (3) Area code domain name

    Including 3N and 4N, there are about 300 city area codes in China, and many local portal websites like to use this kind of domain name. For local people, the hometown area code is very meaningful. It is the most direct window of a city, the most influential publicity brand, and the preferred domain name of local portal platform.

    In addition, there are 224 countries and regions in the world with country codes, such as China (0086), Malaysia (0060), Singapore (0065), Japan (0081), South Korea (0082) and so on.These international area codes are favored by overseas study training, immigration and other terminals.
There are a lot of specific numbers that I won't go into here, but you can fill them out in the comments section

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