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They recently wrote about a new member of the unicorn club, Remote, which has seen increased interest in its services since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

Another startup that has thrived amidst COVID-19 is Class, a young company that brings learning and teaching tools to Zoom.

With millions of students confined to remote education in the last year, teachers and education authorities have scrambled to find solutions to make the virtual classroom more engaging.

Founded by Michael Chasen in 2020, Class claims that everything you can do in a physical classroom, you can accomplish with its suite of tools.

Despite essentially being a Zoom app, which some may say negates the need for a good domain name, Class invested in its exact-match domain early on.

Based on WHOIS data, Class acquired Class.com in January 2021, less than a year after launching.

The acquisition of Class.com, as we often see, fell close to a significant funding round. In this case, Class announced a $30.8 million Series A funding round just weeks after acquiring the name.

The Class.com domain, which was previously listed for sale at Uniregistry Market, was a significant upgrade from the company’s original domain, ClassEDU.com.

Since acquiring Class.com, Class has well and truly been in session, raising another $117.3 million across two funding rounds. The latest, a $105 million Series B funding round, includes backing from legendary quarterback Tom Brady.

Brady and the other investors in Class have now helped the company to go global. In a recent announcement, founder Michael Chasen revealed that Class will now be accessible to schools, colleges, and corporate learning teams worldwide.

Class’ globalization makes its ownership of Class.com even more important. Class.com is the company’s virtual shop window, where potential users can find out more about the Class platform. The unequivocal simplicity of the Class.com domain name will make it easier for users from all over the world to now find and interact with the Class brand. I believe that with its former domain, ClassEDU.com, this interaction would have been more difficult.

Class identified the need for a great domain name relatively early on, and now it is capitalizing on that acquisition with its globalization attempts.
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Don't say Huh? too much; pretend you understand.
The domain was being used for a while by a member here, few years ago. We talked about his project, but I do not remember if he had actually bought the domain or if he had some deal in place with the owners. I won't mention his username, will wait to see if he weighs in.

Beautiful domain, very versatile for education and for style/fashion and for lifestyle. Can be branded in so many directions, and infers success, learning, positivity. Obviously it has found its perfect owners. Always love to see a domain put to excellent, helpful use.
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