CentralNic leaves its customers stranded by deleting kr.com gb.com hu.com domains

This is how they respond following deletion of www.hotel.kr.com with offer of new domain such as hotelkr.xyz

Dear Sir

We respect that you are not happy with the services that are being discontinued. We have continually advised that alternative substituted services have been offered to you. You have continued to reject the offers to provide continuity of services. You must accept the consequences if you refuse to take up the new domains and that you may face consequences of your decisions.

We reserve our rights whatsoever nature.


Colin Mullane
UK Channel Development
CentralNic Group PLC

35-39 Moorgate

London, EC2R 6AR
London Stock Exchange Symbol: CNIC
W: www.centralnic.com
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Why did they delete the domain name? What's the reason why you lost your domain?

The email did say that they told you ahead of time and warned you if you don't take action right away.
The offered me a crappy www.hotelkr.xyx which I can reg myself for $1 not market recognition no .com ending. Yes I knew it was a subdomain but you don't expect thaey can just take it away from you theior terms and conditions explitly stated:

“The initial period of registration of the domain name is a whole number of years between one year and ten years. Thereafter, the registration may be renewed for further years provided that you pay the appropriate renewal fee on or before the relevant renewal date.”

Therefore they seem to me to be in breach of contract and even false representation.
You did not purchase a domain name, you purchased a SUB-domain name.

You should purchase a domain name so this won't happen again.