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Statistics and trends in domain name registrations of European country-code domains and the wider global market. Report created quarterly by the Council of European National Top-Level Domain Registries. Edition 2022_1. Published: 27 April 2022

  • Sales, deletions and registrar transfers all slowed down for European ccTLDs over 2021. Demand for new domains however is still outpacing deletes keeping growth in the positive.
  • Median 1 year growth in European ccTLDs was 3.8% (Jan 2022), up from the 6 month average. Renewal rates are stable with a median of 85%.
  • The combined market share of ccTLDs across EU countries is estimated at 61% . For most CENTR member ccTLDs, their local (country based) market share has not changed over the past few years.
  • European ccTLDs are being sold by registrars at a median price of 10.2 EUR - up slightly from the previous quarter. This price contrasts to 12.1 EUR for a .com domain recorded over the same set of registrars.
  • Over Q4 2021, error rates in European ccTLDs have come down slightly with parking rates remaining similar. 46% of domains under European ccTLDs have developed web content, of which 65% used the HTTPS protocol.
  • The error rate (DNS, connection or others resulting in no content) among the top 100 gTLDs rose by 6% over Q4 2021. 23% of domains under the top 100 gTLDs have developed web content, of which 64% used the HTTPS protocol.
  • The rate of gTLD domains that redirect has been rising.
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