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Hello, I have given up domain industry for a long time now, and I have decided to sell these two websites that I have: Catchdomain.co and parkzona.com. A few months ago, I posted these two websites here to sell them, and I had several offers, which I thought were not enough. Now I am selling the 2 websites, I am looking for offers, and the biggest offer that comes to me within this week for these two websites I will sell.

I have tried to write the details for these two websites, how they work but for anything you do not understand, you can contact me and I will give you details. Also, apart from the first reason I gave up domain industry, now I work with dropshipping as well as with crypto, and I have no interest in working with domains.

CatchDomain --------

https://catchdomain.co, domain catcher so this website works with domain API, where you can register domains with API, once the domains become available to register, the system works quickly and safely, for more you can read in this article how it works https://catchdomain.co/article/view?id=23, so catchdomain.co is not a domain registrar but it works with 7 Domain registrars API.

Website: https://catchdomain.co

Script is not for sale, only the complete website is for sale.

Domain is registered on sav.com

The following domain Registrars APIs are integrated in catchdomain.co:

1. Namesilo API
2. Dynadot API
3. Name.com API
4. Namecheap.com API
5. Gandi.net API
6. Epik.com API
7. Enom.com API

While here are two videos on youtube where you can see how domains are registered when they are available, in milliseconds.

Catchdomain.co works with VPS LINUX, so this website can not be used in shared hosting, and works with ISPCONFIG control panel.

Some of the features of catchdomain.co are: Schedule Time option you have the option of on what date, on what day, at what time you want to start the catching to catch your domain. You can request domains to register this depends on the domain registrar how many domains you can request, in the catchdomain is the retry interval function where the system tries to register a sample domain every 500 milliseconds or every 1000 milliseconds.

Which domain TLDs can be registered in the catchdomain?

It depends on the registrar domain in catch domain there is no limit to which tlds you can register for example .com, .net, org, cc, io etc.

Catch domain is also integrated security system for users, 2 factor authentication which is integrated with this website https://authy.com.

Catch domain has the payment system only with this website stripe.com, so users can make the payment only with credit card not with paypal, but you can also integrate paypal if you want.

Are there any profits from this website or have you earned any revenue?

Since the website has been operational until now, I have earned $214. But without advertising it anywhere.

Registrar URL: http://sav.com
Updated Date: 2021-10-24T17:26:43Z
Creation Date: 2020-11-13T16:02:09Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2022-11-13T16:02:09Z

ParkZona --------

Parkzona is a new startup, which was completed in January of this year, parkzona works on the basis of domain parking, and is mainly related to affiliate marketing, also in parkzona you can sell domains, or you can park domains,and you can Add your own ads, which may include photo or text codes, If you sell domains every offer made for your domains comes in email.

Parkzona works in linux system, you must have a vps, because in shared hosting and cpanel it does not work, Parkzona works based on ISPCONFIG PANEL, this panel is free, this panel manages domains, DNS, files etc. So you need to have a VPS HOSTING LINUX, for the reason that I can install this website on your server.

ParkZona is a new website with domain parking system, very easy to use and to make money online.
You have domains that you do not use and you have traffic in those domains, then parkzona.com is the ideal solution to make money from those domains that you do not use. The Parkzona.com system is a very easy to use and secure system to park your domains. The new ParkZona.com system allows you to place your own ads, and you can earn revenue from your ads.

Parkzona is not advertised anywhere, I just used it for some domains I had, but I sold the domains. So I used it only for myself for the domains that I owned, I had 47 domains. Where I have already sold most of them.

The Parkzona system works automatically, nothing works manually, for example payments, expiration of payment, domain extension in the system works automatically, you do not need to add DNS manually.

Some of the functions that are integrated in ParkZona are:

Domain Offers - All offers come to you in email, and in the user dashboard.
Domain Selling- You can sell Domains.
Templates - In Parkzona there are two templates, where you can use them for the domain you want, for example you can add the first template, which is with contact form and ads, or the second template, which is with ads only with text.
Template 1 - How ads appear in template 1 > http://parkzona.online Contact form with ADS
Template 2 - How ads appear in template 2 > http://parkzonatemplate2.xyz Text AdS
Banners - You can add ads with photos, code, and text.
Google analytics - In ParkZona is integrated google analytics system, you can see live visitors in google analytics for visits made to your domains.

Click Tracking - every click made on ads, is calculated by the Click Tracking function.

Subscription - registered users can use paypal or stripe.com to make the payment.

Plans - There are 3 plans, plan 1 is free you can add 1 domain and 1 ad, in a certain position, and 2 other plans are paid, you can add unlimited domains, and unlimited ads, unlimited positions, the positions are, whether the ad will be displayed up, down right, left, in 728x90px or 160x600px format, or with text-only ads.

If you want to test you can create an account, and add your own domains, just update the nameservers in your domain registrar:

Authentication - With this function, if you enable it, if you change the IP location, then a code will come to you in the email, to log in to your account, so this is for the security of your account.

Here are some pictures of what the user dashboard looks like.

User dashboard: Screenshot

While in the admin panel, there are some other functions, for example enable / disable domain, delete ads, delete domains, delete offers, delete or edit accounts.

the restrict system is also integrated, with this function, you can disable domains or banner url links, and those domains, can not be placed in ParkZona.

These are some of the functions that ParkZona has integrated.

Does this website have revenue so far?

No, I did not advertise this website anywhere, except for 1 video I made on youtube, but I did not advertise anywhere. So on the website are registered only my accounts that I have, and some domains that I have.

Registrar URL: http://www.dynadot.com
Updated Date: 2021-11-03T15:34:22Z
Creation Date: 2021-01-09T10:26:03Z
Registry Expiry Date: 2023-01-09T10:26:03Z
Domain Renewal: $9.99
While I bought VPS on this website contabo.com, now it works with this server with these performances
CPU 4 vCPU Cores 8 GB RAM STORAGE 200 GB SSD SNAPSHOT 1 DATA TRANSFER 32 TB Traffic Unlimited Incoming Monthly Base Price $6.99

I am interested in selling both websites, but I can also sell one that you like.

This sale includes; Installation of websites on your server, transfer of all files and databases that these websites have (all codes) You will have access to all database files, everything that these two websites contain.

As well as transferring the domain to you.

Payment can be made with paypal for trusted members here in the forum, and we can also use escrow or crypto.

The price is according to the offer, I am not looking to sell at very high prices. For the reason that I simply want these two websites to be used by someone who works in the domain industry.
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