Can we sort out the appraisal section?

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  1. koolishman

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    Price brackets.

    Max 2 line explanation. Post lock beyond 2 lines.
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  2. bmugford

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    I personally don't always even give actual numbers. I will just comment if a domain is good and the potential I see in it.

    Just putting some random number does no favors for anyone.

  3. Samer

    Samer Top Contributor VIP

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    Exactly. I was referring to jim in earlier post. There should be a rule;

    Contractually required buy 10% of ‘appraisal’

    “i would say” more than fair!

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  4. zomainhacks

    zomainhacks Established Member

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    Explaining why a domain has no value is often something that require more that two lines of text. The fact is most people there lack basic knowledge about domaining.
    Is such cases the best think to do IMHO is just redirect users to the newbie section of the forum. Why explaining in depth basic stuff if it is arleady being discussed elsewhere?
    On the other side, explaining why a certain domain has value is not something trivial. I think a short reasoning behind such appraisals should be advisable.
  5. Don Gondon

    Don Gondon Established Member

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    I vote "this thread is stupid".

    Almost no posters in the appraisal section make any effort about their requests. Sharing the results of their own research or at least explaining why do they think the name is valuable? Nah. They just post a domain or a whole bunch of them and thats it.

    There used to be a recommended template for appraisal, which included standard questions a person needs to ask themselves before registering or buying a name, although I can't find where it is on the forum anymore.

    1. Acquisition Reason:
    2. Markets:
    3. Research:
    4. End-User Value:
    5. Reseller Value:
    6. Traffic:
    7. Revenue:
    8. Age:
    9. Miscellaneous:

    If people were going by it, could save many from waste of money on worthless registrations in the first place... and with the posted threads, there would be some ground for discussion. No, thats not the way, lets just create a thread with a name!

    And now some people are angry with responses not being detailed enough? I can't believe that.

    Zero effort requests deserve zero effort appraisals, and nothing more.

    If you are unhappy with somebody's appraisal, you can spendwaste your own time writing a better one. You don't want to? Not hard to understand, by why the desire to regulate how other people respond?

    If any regulation of the appraisal is to be done, it should start with some rules for the posters. Otherwise its complete nonsense.
  6. Mod Team Bravo

    Mod Team Bravo Moderator, NamePros Moderator PRO VIP Gold Account

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    A quick recap of why that rule was added:

    There are, unfortunately, people who enjoy doings things for the sole purpose of creating problems and upsetting others, so we try to limit that where possible.
    • If you want to tell buyers that their domain names are worth less than what they paid for them, then there is a burden of explanation so that members can't effortlessly misuse appraisal requests to intentionally upset others.
    • If someone goes the other route and appraises every domain name at one million dollars, then that's still a problem, but it isn't going to come across as insulting and it could be dismissed without creating unnecessary hostility.

    As for whether we should expand the rule, it doesn't seem like requiring an explanation for every appraisal is going to help much (or at all). It'll mostly just create more work for moderators without much (or any?) benefit. We may be wrong, but after reviewing several appraisal requests, this is our impression so far.

    The better solution may be to try the Professional Appraisal section instead, where members are required to be VIP or upgraded accounts to participate, with the hope that you will receive more detailed appraisals there.

    There are still potentials for problems if someone wants to cause trouble. For example, if a member posts the same appraisal amount in every appraisal request, then it'd be easier for us to know their intentions and intervene. Other times, it's not as clear.

    We will continue to monitor this thread and think about ways we can improve the appraisal sections.

    Thanks for your continued feedback.
  7. Maximinus

    Maximinus Established Member

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    I am new to domaining, but I've already understood how useless the appraisal section is.
    I believe the best and simplest is to apprise with "*" or "$":
    * = Reg. fee
    ** = XX$
    *** = XXX$
    **** = XXXX$
    ***** = XXXXX$ or more
    This will ease and motivate domainers to make their appraisal.

    Anonimity is not a great idea in my opinion.
    Visibility is important in order to understand "Who" is appraising and "How"
    The appraisal of someone with a "PRO" badge is worth for a newbie more than 10 other newbie's appraisals.

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  8. Zanok

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    Moderators should really consider warning members that are not following a specific template while appraising a domain, just like they do for sellers in other sections like Domain Auctions and Fixed Price.

    As we speak, Domain Appraisal section is literally a jungle. You get everything from old lions with wisdom to monkeys with their basket filled with arrogance.
  9. Mod Team Bravo

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    Which template(s) would you like to see used for every appraisal?
  10. Zanok

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    According to me, an appraiser - even if you consider the fact that appraisals are 100% free - shouldn't be allowed to just throw away random numbers without at least briefly explaining himself. It doesn't make sense. This is why EstiBot, GoValue™ and other automated appraisal tools exist.

    Randomly pick 5 appraisal requests from the section and you will see similar (if not exact) replies most of the time:

    "I would say $2000"
    OP should be at least able to understand (without necessarily having to agree with it) why you came up with these numbers.
    How did you come up with an appraisal of $2000 while 4 other members previously replied that the domain isn't even worth $10? Do you think you could easily get $2000 for it if it was your domain? Did you previously sell a similar domain for $2000?

    "reg fee... waste of money"
    OP should be at least able to understand (without necessarily having to agree with it) why he shouldn't have register the domain according to you.
    Why? Because the name is meaningless? Because you don't see any potential buyer for it? Because .mobi is not a popular extension? Because there are no past reported sales since 2017 for this prefix?
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