question Can I confirm my domain on 3 auction sites and park it on say, dan?



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Thank you. but this is what I thought. To make the landing page of dan.com I have to change DNS. And then Even if I added the codes in the text records and confirmed them, after changing DNS, the text records can not be seen. And then if the other auction sites check these codes daily, they may think I am no longer the owner and delist my domain. But do the bots check ownership just once? Or do they check the text records daily like some Google bot or something?
Google is really bad with such things. It will index new pages but it will also deindex dead pages eventually. So this is what I thought if the auction sites check our domains ownership just once, there will not be a problem but if they do it frequesntly, they can not find those text records once I make a landing page of one because the DNS is changed.
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