question Can GoDaddy change the landing page of a locked domain name

Some years ago , i got an udrp on facebookengineering.com which i lost but i filed a case against facebook in India ( although facebook choose scottsdale as mutual jurisdiction ) so the domain remain locked after the transfer to facebook by godaddy as case is going on in Indian court.

Nameservers during udrp was ns1.uniregistrymarket.link.
so there was a buy now page of uniregistry for facebookengineering.com but recently i saw that although the nameservers are same ns1.uniregistrymarket.link but now the domain is getting redirected to godaddy.com ,

how can it be possible .
did godaddy again broke the rule for locked domain and change its landing page just on their own.

I checked some other domain names such as stepwise.com , flixya.com which has same nameservers as ns1.uniregistrymarket.link but they do not get redirected to godaddy.com , they have same uniregistry landing pages.
did godaddy and its team of highly skilled corporates again did some kind of intentional fraud with me ??
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