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budget: above $5000 Buying Premium Meta + Keyword Metaverse + Keyword

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Buying only .coms with meta, metaverse keyword. The name must be taken in 20 or more extensions. Only looking for top keywords.
Budget per name : 5000 USD - 15000 USD.
Payment: BTC preferred.
Transfer: Auth code or domain push.
Please only send PMs, priced domains and nothing less than 5000 USD or more than 15.000 USD.
Only looking for 1 or 2 names.
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Budget increased to 20.000 USD.

Still looking, please only send me .com names taken in 20+ extensions. Otherwise I will have to report the message as spam. More interested in Meta + keyword for now.
About the "20+ extensions", do you mean the keyword following "META" that has to be taken in 20+ extensions ?
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