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budget: above $1000 Buying .eth domains

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If you have some .eth domains for sale please send PM with the domain and price. Please don't forget to price your domain as I do not plan to make offers. Of course, I am looking for reseller pricing, and it should be very attractive :)

I will respond only to those offers that will be of my interest based on the name and price, so please do not get offended if I don't reply to your offer.

I am not interested in ETHsomething.gTLD, I am looking only for .eth domains.

I prefer short names and am very picky ;) I have multiple sources of acquiring .eth names so your pricing must be attractive.

My budget per domain is $5-$1,500 (plus gas fee). Obviously, I am willing to pay $1,500 only for really top domains. I would prefer NNNN.eth, priced $400-$800, but if your NNNN.eth is really good I can go above $800 for it.

Payment could be done in fiat or crypto.
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Thanks to all who sent their names, but only one was nice, but pricey for my reseller's taste.

Still buying, send domain + price if you are interested to sell. I can go above $1,500 per domain, but only if the domain is really priced for reselling ;) Low-value domains should be priced low, obviously :)
Thanks to all who offered their domains, but still only one was good enough for my taste (most were not even priced or were garbage, sorry), but the price was too high for my reseller valuation :) However, later I saw that one was sold for less than it was quoted to me, but also for less than I would have paid if it was priced right in the offer sent to me :)

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