budget: above $1 Buying .coms $1-3 Each -> Max Words - 2 | Min Time to Expire - 2 Months

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Hello, I am buying domains $1 - $3 Dollars Each...

I am not trying to hurt anyones feelings or screw anyone over so please only contact me if this type of post fits your personal strategy and needs.

Budget per name = $1 - $3
Total budet -> $300 => for a minimum of 100 names / and a maximum of 300 Names. -> This is a rolling rumber and Could very well be added to but I have atleast that much set aside for this post.

Im not looking for anything specific as far as categories go but what i do want is as followed:

Timespan: Through 12/31/2022

  • .com ONLY
  • must have minimum 2 months Left at current Registrar
  • Must contain Letters only (no Hyphen or Numbers)
  • Must Contain Full Words Only -> (no stray letters that dont actually Belong to the words present in the name.)

Otherwise Im probably going to be pretty willing to buy anything...

Esentially my thoughts are this... I Know times are hard... and it sucks letting stuff expire... Some people want to sell off things that they know they dont plan on selling and letting expire anyway... I also know If I dont spend the money here, Im going to hand register names... for 12 months left... That I can personally see value in (because i wouldnt of registered it if i didnt) So im not trying to pull a fast one on anyone or be sneaky Im just trying to redirect the same money I normally do in Hand-regs -> back into the aftermarket...

Last note -> I will be using paypal -> by default -> ill friends and family it if its not going to cost me anything extra . I will Indefinetly take the fee if it is going to result in more then 40% of your entire transaction...

Finally... I reserve the right to deny any domains ... and I will listen to offers that are not in that specific ruleset above but I will mostlikely not respond if its not in that group... Only expect a response if it is actually following the 4 rules above. again they are(.com / 2months / letters / words / ) and between 1 - 3 dollars in price
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