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budget: above $1000 Buying "Branding"-Related .com's

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Hello everyone. I am looking to buy a few great domain names related to "Branding" or the "Branding Process".

PLEASE read the requirements below carefully before sending any direct messages, and only send the requested domain types. ___________🐧______/

Requirements: Extension: ONLY .com's.
💰 Total Budget: $1,500.
🚫 Exclusions: No Number - No Dashes.

I am looking for either of the following:

1️⃣ Single-word brandable/coined name related to "Brand" or "Branding" .com's


2️⃣ Two-dictionary-keywords .com's

Other Terms:

🧮 BIN: Please send your final BIN wholesale price - Paying wholesale, not retail, and not accepting "Make Offer".
:glasses: Valuation: Please attach your valuation file to your DM (if any).
💸 Payment: PayPal if less than $100, or if more.
⏰ Timeframe: Please submit your domains within five days from this posting via a Direct Message, and allow one day after that for payment processing. Confirmed transactions shall be paid within 24 hours of confirmation if a deal is reached.

Thanks in advance for your time, and best of luck always! :notworthy:
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what is budget per name?

Wholesale pricing is usually calculated anywhere between 1-10% of the retail valuation.
And your budget per name is what ?
Wholesale pricing is usually calculated anywhere between 1-10% of the retail valuation.
I’m curious where the “retail valuation” is coming from. Considering ONLY 1% of all domain sales are reported.

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As required by NamePros please Edit your Original Post within 24-48 hours to include:

Rule 6.7.2
Exact Budget Range:
Specify an exact numerical range or an exact figure for your budget per item (e.g., "up to $1 million per domain name" in Domain Names Wanted). Placeholders such as "$XX, XXX", $0 (free domains) budgets, and "unlimited" price ranges will not be permitted.

Thank you.

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