Brightstar has today announced a comprehensive rebrand of its company, designed to showcase the transformation from its origin as a mobile phone distributor to the complete tech protection and support provider it has become. Under the new name ‘Likewize’, the company is committed to advancing the world by making people’s technology problems painless and resolving any problem they may encounter.

“Due to the company changing fundamentally, we knew it was necessary to change the brand to accurately reflect this profound shift. Likewize offers a much a stronger sense of our identity and what we want to accomplish. I’ve felt we have been the industry’s best kept secret and now that is all about to change.”

The rebrand comes after a period of significant global investment for the company, with approximately $1 billion USD invested on industry-leading systems and services.

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If you are going to use a domain that has a replaced letter then you better make sure there is no confusion with an existing business or brand. This decision makes no sense. If you have to rebrand, much better to rebrand to an invented short pronounceable name. Make it memorable and make it stand out.


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Downgrade in my opinion.

Their new logo like a sh*t


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