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Ok, so, when it comes to monetizing a domain name, there are a lot of different ways I see domain investors going. To try and understand this a bit better I figured I would start a thread about it, to see if anyone else has come to the same conclusions.

Types of domain monetization
  • Resale - one lump sum
  • Parking - (PPC) pay per click %
  • Landing Page w/Ads - PPC % / (PPL) Pay Per Lead
  • Dev. Product - Digital or physical flat rate sales
  • Dev. Service - Digital or physical / on-going or one-time sales
  • Lead Generation - Captures emails through a form (Subscribe, join, notification, free ebook, free digital product, etc.) that can be used later for targeted sales letters
Did I miss anything?
Add a method category I may have overlooked.

Resale - This is when you resell the domain name for a flat lump sum profit. Generally for a good return on your overall investment. - Ideally, this is the goal for most domain investors, right?

Parking - This is when a domain is set to resolve to a 3rd party parking companies landing page that has advertisements on it. You get a fractional percentage of each click from a unique visitor. - Click rates seem to vary greatly and a lot of people seem to need outstanding premium domains and typos to make any kind of justifiable gain. Am I right?

Landing Page w/Ads - This is when you list a domain at a marketplace that offer specialized/targeted landing pages to seller that direct their domains DNS to them. The marketplace gets tons of new visitors at no cost to them (Great way to piggy-back market, by the way) with each domain redirecting traffic to the landing pages. - You may get lucky and someone searching the marketplace will like your domain more than someone elses with a cheaper price in the list. Doesn't sound as appetizing when you look at it like that. Or am I over thinking it?

Dev. Product - This when a domain investor provides a digital downloadable product that can be used online, offline (software), or printed for a flat rate price. They may also have a brick and mortar store and physically ship a product ordered from their website development. - This seems like a practical business development option that may boost value in the asset over time. It might even generate some consistent revenue. Thoughts?

Dev. Service - This is when a domain investors provides an online or offline service for things like reoccurring subscription, manual labor, virtual assistance, design, etc.. - This seems like another viable option to choose from for the long-hold game. Am i right?

Lead Generation - This can be as simple as a single landing page with an ebook or image set you let people download for free when they give you their email. It can also allow people to subscribe for a weekly, monthly, or annual newsletter in exchange for their email. There are some places that will pay for a bulk list of hot niche targeted email leads. Alternately, you can collect them to market one of your own products or services. - Seem like a logical add-on to someone monetization empire, right?

So, what do you think?
Which one of the above do you use successfully?

Share your experiences to help empower and inspire everyone to find the best ways to get our domain names converting into cash, that actually work.


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Most domains don't have enough type-in traffic to catch anyone attention. Better to list them for sale in multiple market places.

Agree with you about type in but this is a domain monetisation thread not just a parking thread. There are many ways to attract leads to even very poor quality domain names.
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