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Bona Fides: the first |Gaming affiliate network in the blockchain


Hello everyone! We are Bona Fides Affiliates - a blockchain-backed affiliate network
that provides 100% transparent player statistics using Trueplay’s blockchain explorer.

We are officially licensed to work with the top online casino, Fairspin, our exclusive
advertiser - a casino with its own crypto-token TFS and tokenized loyalty programs.

Our advantages:

👉 No manipulations or cheating. Thanks to Trueplay’s blockchain explorer, all bets
and wins can be verified

👉 A Crypto staking tool allows you to increase the income in your affiliate account
balance passively.

👉 Real-time statistics with detailed information, allowing affiliates to instantly
adjust ad campaign settings.

👉Dynamic RevShare up to 45%. Hybrid & CPA monetization models

👉We provide promotional materials: texts, promo codes, ad budgets, and advice
from professional managers as well as exclusive tournaments for partners

👉 Payouts in convenient cryptocurrencies and FIAT

👉NO negative carryovers. Adherence to work conditions

Every new affiliate gets a 30-day period of increased RevShare. And regular
tournaments and casino bonuses can increase an affiliate’s conversion

Registration 👉


mail: [email protected]

mail: [email protected]
tg: @helga_bonafides
skype: live:.cid.7f63466ae5ecbf

mail: [email protected]
tg: @vitalii_bonafides
skype: live:.cid.4898a0be3fa4f2ef
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CPA vs RevShare: choosing an affiliate payment model

Choosing a payment model – the age-old problem of affiliate marketers. Some say
CPA is reliable and prevents you from going into the red balance. With CPA, payment
is essentially “here and now”. Others believe RevShare to be the most lucrative
model, with you getting money in the long term.

Let's figure out the cases where CPA is better and where RevShare is.

CPA: pros and cons

As we just mentioned, CPA is payment “here and now”. You refer a user, they
perform the target action, the advertiser verifies the user, and you receive payment.

CPA pros:
  • No need to worry about how much the lead will win or lose - your profit is a set

  • Perfect for beginners - you can quickly recoup the funds you invested and
    launch a new AC.
CPA cons:
  • You depend on the AC: no ads — no income;

  • Payouts are on hold while the advertiser is verifying your traffic.
You can’t go into the red, but neither can you expect to get any long-term profits.

RevShare: pros and cons

RevShare is the exact opposite of CPA. You may end up waiting around without any
profit for a week or a month, but earn enormous amounts in the long run.

RevShare pros:
  • Long-term income — as long as players keep betting, you’ll keep earning

  • A wide selection of sources to generate traffic;

  • High payouts — a single player can potentially earn you more than they would
    under the CPA model.
RevShare cons:
  • Players can make a couple of bets and never return, which means there will be
    no profit in it for you;

  • Each player’s win is a cut from your profits, unless otherwise agreed with the
When working via the RevShare model, you need to be able to bring in high rollers
who play often and a lot.


If you have the necessary experience and budget, then you can try working via
RevShare. Beginners and those without a financial plan B are better off sticking
with CPA – you can scale up your operations with each subsequent payout.

You can also contact our managers - they can consult you on a good offer and the
best payment model to match your experience and traffic source.


mail: [email protected]

mail: [email protected]
tg: @helga_bonafides
skype: live:.cid.7f63466ae5ecbf

mail: [email protected]
tg: @vitalii_bonafides
skype: live:.cid.4898a0be3fa4f2ef


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