Bido.com supports frauds

A few weeks ago I received a bid to one of my lll.net, which did not reach bido price and decided to extend the auction during which no more betting was made and I decided to accept the offer of the buyer.


After a day of silence, I appeal to the customer via the site with the question, what is the actual delay. Got an answer that Bido will contact me soon. After some time I recieved a mail from them:


about the auction for ***.net, the high bidder claims that they did not mean to place the bid at the amount it was placed,
and that a technical error with the site happened at that time. They are yet ready to pay $350 immediately for the domain.
We trust the buyer that they will pay should this price be set. We apologize for any inconvenience that was caused by this.

The options the we can offer are thus:
- Conclude a transaction at $350.
- Re-auction the domain with its original BidoPrice of $***.

Please could you let us know your preference, and we'll proceed accordingly.


Kind regards,

I said:


I think this is a scam.
Bidder claims that they did not mean to place the bid? Look at the screen. Previous bid was $383. He could not place the bid $350 at that moment. Most of all he had two weeks to contact you with this issue. There is no any technical error here. The buyer lies. And you should not believe it.
If he will not pay $500, or you will not ban his account, I will be forced to publish at all the popular forums (namepros, DNF, etc.) that bido supports frauds and won't use you service anymore.
Hope for your understanding.

They answered:


Thank you for your reply on that matter.

We have contacted the buyer, with a request to complete the transaction as it is.
Saying that, This member has a 100% clean transactions history both as a buyer and as a seller since 2009,
We don't think this is a scam in this case. We trust their saying that there has been some technical issue
related to their bid. This did not say they tried to place a $350 bid, but just that there was some technical issue at the time the wanted to bid.
Further, the buyer says they did not visit the site in these last 2 weeks
and were not aware of their bid until received a notification of winning.

After this mail, I reasonable asked them to look at the logs of his visit to confirm this information.
After two days of silence, I recieved:

Your auction "***.net" has been rejected.
technical issue while bidding

Naturally, no evidence has not been provided.
Thus, I conclude that Bido.com supports scams and do not worry about own reputation.
"Buyer`s" profile: http://www.bido.com/Profile/archangel


If you're interested in buying a domain, contact the registrant thru whois and make a deal outside of any auctioneer, auction platform, auction enabler, auction facilitator, etc.

Domainers are making these venues rich for nothing really, except a place to list names for sale. You can list names for sale on your own page.

Honestly, these places are full of shill bids, buyers who crap out after bidding, and venue operators who claim, "We're not an auctioneer," (so we have no responsibility if your transaction goes south or if your name gets hijacked). But we will gladly take your money for essentially letting you participate on our wonderful site.

Wake up domainers, you're being fleeced by a healthy percentage of these places and the industry DOES NOT feel your pain.