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Hey there!
We’re Biamo Partners - a gambling and betting affiliate network from!. For
a long time we’ve been a private program but now we’re ready to offer our converting
product to anyone who’s interested.

High conversion rate
The conversion rate for a repeated deposit hits up to 40%. We provide the best ad
materials and lucrative offers, we encourage the audience to invest and support our
webmasters throughout the entire traffic driving process.

Welcome bonuses, free spins, free bets, coupons and promotions - partners are given
the best tools to increase the conversion rate.

Lifetime payouts
Even if you stopped referring customers, we will continue to pay up to 60% from the
profit made off of each previously referred player. Build a base of loyal and dedicated
gamblers and get a lifetime stable income.

We update user and revenue data in real time. You will be able to continuously monitor
the effectiveness of your bundle and optimize it.

Weekly payouts
We pay our partners every week. We work with any payment systems, from bank cards
to cryptocurrencies.

Exclusive conditions

We are confident enough in our product to offer you conditions no other AP will by the
end of the year. Register through this link. Verify your account and contact your manager.
And we guarantee that you’ll be able to test our offers with maximum profits

Contact info:
Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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Do you drive traffic via the RevShare model? We got great news for you.

To prove that our product really does convert and makes our webmasters money,
we are launching a test drive. Only until the end of the year we pay 100% via
RevShare. Hurry and sign up to turn a nice profit.

But that's not all. Make 200 FTD by the end of the year and get higher
RevShare royalties for the next year

Still have questions? Our manager will be happy to answer them: @dashaatr

Contact info:
Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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Dear partners! is giving out New Year gifts for 2022!

Register with!
Get the required amount of FTD from December 1 to December 31 and receive a gift
in the form of

30+ FTD - Apple AirPods Pro!
50+ FTD - Apple Watch!
100+ FTD - Apple IPhone 13 Pro Max!
150+ FTD - Apple iPad Pro!
200+ FTD - Apple MacBoock Pro! reserves the right to refuse a gift for FTD fraud and other
dishonest activities. reserves the right to replace the gift
with a similar Apple product or cash equivalent. Gifts are not cumulative,
you can get only 1 gift!

Contact info:

Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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Why is working via the RevShare model a lucrative option?

Hey everyone, we’re here today to tell you why more and more webmasters choose
RevShare and why it is profitable to work with it.

What is the RevShare model?

Under the RevShare model, the affiliate is not paid a fixed amount for attracting a
lead, but rather for the latter’s activity over a specific period.

What makes it a lucrative choice:

  1. The profit will continue to flow even if you stop supplying traffic. For as long
    as 3-5 years.
  2. The chance to hook in big players who will gamble on a regular basis, proving
    you passive income for a long time.
The RevShare model can boast the highest profitability. Register with us and get
100% RevShare royalties till the end of the year.

Contact info:

Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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A selection of sports events for January 2022: the top 4​

After exhilarating covid-related restrictions, the world of sports has almost
completely recovered and it’s back to business as usual. And betting, which
flourished most in the world of esports in 2020-2021, is once again gradually
becoming a popular option for earning money. In this mini-review, we will
analyze the events that await us in the physical sports world in January 2022.

1. X-Games winter 2022​

January 21-23 will see the winter extreme sports event. It’s basically a winter
Olympics, since X-Games also have summer and winter variants. The first are
held in Austin (USA, Colorado), the second - in Aspen (also Colorado). Bets
can be placed on such sports as:
  • pipe;
  • big air;
  • slopestyle.

2. 116th European Speed Skating Championships​

The European Championships will take place from 7th to 9th January in the
Netherlands (Heerenveen) at the Thialf skating rink. Here’s what the event
has in store for us:
  • 07.01.2022 — the opening of the European Championship at 18:50, a
    3,000 meter race for women and a 1,000 one for men. Also, the first
    day will see a men's and a women’s team sprint.

  • 08.01.2022 — a team sprint for men, a 500 meter race for women,
    a 5,000 one for men and a 1,500 one for women.

  • 09.01.2022 — the last day will treat spectators to a women's team race,
    a 15,000 m race for men, a men's and women's mass start, as well as a
    1 km race for women and a 500 m race for men.

3. European Figure Skating Championships 2022​

It will be held from 10th to 16th January in Tallinn (the capital of Estonia), in
the Tondibara complex. Athletes will face off against each other in such
categories as:
  • men’s singles;
  • women’s singles;
  • ice dancing;
  • pairs.

This European Championship will be attended by athletes aged 15 years and
older from various countries that are members of the International Skating
Union (Israel, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Turks). A team from each state
will have the opportunity to nominate 1-3 athletes.

4. 46th European Youth Ice Hockey Tournament​

This European Championship will be held under the auspices of the IIHF from
December 26th to January 5th 2022 in Red Deer and Edmonton (Canada). A
competition of this magnitude will be the fourth in the history of Edmonton,
and the second in the history of Red Deer.

In total, 7 national teams will take part in the European Championship:

1.North America.

Contact info:
Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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Gambling results for 2021

The year 2021 can be safely called a time when almost all novice webmasters
worked only with gambling without even considering other verticals. And today
we’ve prepared an article that summarize the performance of the gambling
niche.It’ll also cover the latter’s distinctive features and as well as provide tips on
which GEOs to work with during the holidays.

Let’s start by taking a look at the approaches that converted the best throughout
the year and continue to make webmasters money. First place goes to news
stories — fake articles about some ordinary Joe securing an epic win.

2ndplace — native success stories: if before people would buy just about
anything,now the story needs to be thought through and not look suspicious.
Third place goes to the adult approach — a combination of pictures, stories,
banners, which all share a sexual undertone. And the main point here is to make
the person immediately see what the casino can help them achieve.

2021 saw affiliates venture out into a whole bunch of new GEOs. Latin
- Argentina, Brazil, Chile stand out thanks to their low level of
competition and a cheap entry threshold. Against the background of renewed
interest in Asia,the Philippines and Singapore found their second breath.

And let’s not forget about Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran - countries with a rich
that spend money on the Internet and are willing to pay for
entertainment. Obviously Europe is still very much in the
— Great Britain, Finland, Ireland continue to provide good volumes
with a high conversion rate.

Now let's talk about the future - everyone loves holidays, but a true affiliate
marketer drives traffic even during the festive season, so which GEOs are the
prime choice currently? This may come as a surprise but in Europe, Germany is
the one showing impressive results — a law that legalized online gambling came
into force on July 1, 2021.

The pandemic hit Germany least of all (compared to the rest of Europe), which is
why the country remains an attractive geo for gambling all year long. It’s also
worth mentioning Canada — online gambling is legal here as well, even for
non-Canadian operators. The country is in the top 10 in terms of GNP per capita,
and the pandemic hasn’t even hit the income of citizens that much.

Contact info:
Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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Happy New Year!

In the coming year 2022, we wish each amazing profits, lots of deposits and
converting creatives.

2021 was a busy and fruitful year. And we’re confident that 2022 will help
us multiply our partners’ profits, pump out a couple technical solutions
that’ll help you get more deposits and just get to know one another during
offline events.

In the coming year, we’re going to keep on delighting you with high payouts.
Become a member of our affiliate program and get up to 70% of the profits
made off the bettors you attract for life!

Happy New Year! We value and cherish you! Keep growing together
with BiamoPartners!

Contact info:

Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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What Websites are Most Suitable for Promoting​

Gambling Offers (Casinos)​

Gambling has been around for a long time. In one form or another, according
to history, it can be traced back to antiquity. So it’s safe to call gambling an
eternal vertical that has always existed and will never die. At the same time,
casinos hold a special position in the gambling vertical. Let's figure out the
best way to promote such offers.

Casinos’ target audience

To understand how and where to promote casino offers, first of all, you need
to understand who their target audience is. And this part is pretty
simple — the Internet is chock-full of stats and studies regarding the people
that are most likely to be interested in gambling.

Moreover, you can find an abundance of info even for a specific GEO:
  • sex;
  • age;
  • marital status;
  • income level;
  • occupation;
  • even character traits.
But a webmaster doesn’t need to know all of that. So let’s go over the main
characteristics of the target audience for casino offers.

Who spins slots more often: men or women

Statistically, men are more prone to gambling, whatever the sub-type.
Literally all studies point to this. But the female audience is also
gradually growing, so it is impossible to unequivocally answer this

But the conclusion is obvious: when promoting casino offers, best to
focus on men. For a female audience, you should create only a couple of
ad campaigns - to conduct tests for a specific GEO.

How old is the average gambling addict

It all depends on the specific country. But if you summarize all the data,
you get the following picture:
  • between 24 and 46;
  • between 46 and 66.
And it’s best to focus on the second category since it’s more solvent
(but again — it all depends on the specific GEO).

What is the average income of gambling enthusiasts

It would be wrong to claim that people with meager incomes are not
our TA. On the other hand, we can’t focus on rich people either. You
just need to remember one important fact — people with different
income levels play in the casino. In other words, their financial situation
has nothing to do with the desire to win.

Based on the above, we can conclude that in your creatives (and when
targeting the audience), you need to focus not on the financial position
of the target audience, but on the chance they have to win a fat stack of
money, increasing their income with maximum odds.

Who to focus on — regular players or random visitors to
online casinos

Typically, casino-goers (both online and offline), visit their favorite
establishment systematically. That’s why you don’t need to introduce
the TA to the gambling vertical in your campaigns, they know full well.
And you should focus on a wide audience, since gamblers are well aware
that a casino will:
  1. Give them a chance to win money with minimal investment.
  2. Let them make money online, having invested barely anything.
  3. Provide an opportunity to feel an adrenaline rush.
  4. Help escape the mundane rat-cycle and have a good time.
And all these points are especially relevant today — during the pandemic
,when different countries are imposing restrictions on people’s movement
and many users are forced to stay home.

Which website are suitable for promoting casino offers:
the best traffic sources

Knowing your target audience, you can start looking for websites where it
“dwells”. Here are the most effective ones in terms of getting traffic quickly
and promoting casinos effectively. Based on the portrait of the target
audience, the maximum conversion rate can be secured on sites of the
following topics:

-casino catalogue-websites;
-ways to beat the casino;
-porn websites;
-movie and TV show streaming websites;
-any games;
-sports betting sites;
-lotteries and giveaways;
-sports and esports websites;
-websites for car enthusiasts.

Contact info:
Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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Effective approaches to gambling for webmasters: banners that convert

Banner ads were one of the first forms of online advertising. But that doesn’t
mean it’s lost relevance over the years. The popularity of this format is due to
its high efficiency and the ability to significantly increase the conversion rate
(especially if we’re talking about mobile traffic, which has long accounted for
more than 50% of search and other traffic).

How should a webmaster use this ad format when working with the gambling
vertical? What steps do you need to take to create a truly converting banner?
Are there any secrets? Let's find out the answers to all these questions.

How to design a genuinely effective gambling banner

When designing gambling banners, you need to pay attention to the following
moments. The most interesting thing is that creating a banner is almost the
very last thing to do when trying to secure a high conversion rate for your ads.

Identifying the goals of our ad campaign (AC)

Here are the goals of an AC of a webmaster promoting a casino
(or any other gambling project):

  1. Increasing brand awareness.
  2. Getting new players to register.
  3. Notifying players of bonuses, promotions.
  4. Driving traffic to a new project.
Having decided on the ultimate goal of the AC, you can get an
understanding of whether you’ll need CTA (call to action) buttons.

Write out different versions of the text

Based on the information obtained from the points above, you can start writing
texts for your banners. Here’s what they should be like:
  1. Short.
  2. Simple.
  3. With a call to action.
What to write about? About current discounts and promotions, about the
opening of a new casino (or a new section on the casino website), about a small
minimum deposit, about a "ridiculous" withdrawal amount, etc. And different
content options are needed to test them out and select the most effective ones.

Split-testing (А/В) different ads

A split test is a sort of experiment, during which representatives of the target
audience are shown various banner options. For websites, split testing means
placing banners in rotation. After completing this experiment, you can understand
which ads are viable and convert better and which should be discarded.

Without А/В testing, you won’t be able to launch a truly well-performing ad
campaign - this approach is as “hit-or-miss” as possible. And even if you think the
bundle you came up with is “flawless”, the TA may simply just not understand it,
and you’ll end up missing the target completely.

That’s what tests are for — they’ll show which banner attracts the most users to the
casino’s website and converts them. Moreover, tests will allow you to preserve your
budget considerably, since you won’t be wasting money on poor performing ads.

How to increase a banner’s conversion rate: Top 3 secrets

1. Promise a bonus

In the ad text, you should post info that after registering, the gambler will get a
bonus like:
  • 100% for their first deposit;
  • 10 dollars for registering;
  • 100 free spins for verifying their phone number/email ;
  • etc.
Don’t make an animated banner where you promise $100 if the person
“catches” something on the screen (or hits a target or something). This approach
has long stopped working. So let us tell you about actually viable bonuses
and promotions.

2. Focus on emotions

In our situation, the strongest emotion that needs to be focused on is the ability
to make money fast and without effort (get a generous bonus from the casino
for registering). To enhance this effect, in your banner, use images and
animations features:

  • large amounts of cash;
  • slot machines hitting the Jackpot;
  • expensive cars and houses;
  • etc.
In such ads, it’s best to show luxury items, the opportunity to become a winner, etc.

3. Use animations

If you properly add animations, the effectiveness of your banner ads will grow
exponentially. After all, when there is some movement on the screen of a
smartphone or a PC display (even if it is minimal), it attracts people’s attention,
and that’s exactly what we need. But just make sure not to go overboard with it.

Banner ads are one of the most effective tools when it comes to promoting
gambling offers. It can be bright, eye-catching, memorable. But, you need to
create the ad content competently. Then you will get the highest possible boost
to your conversion rate.

Contact info:
Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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How to optimize your website: Top 6 tips

SEO trends are constantly changing. Just like search engine algorithms. That’s why
we’ve made this selection of useful features that you should start using when
optimizing your website in 2022.

1. Adaptability for mobile devices

For several years now, over 50% of Internet users have accessed their favorite sites
from their smartphones, tablets and other mobile gadgets. Therefore, the first step
is to adapt the design of your site for mobile touch screens.

2. Lower page loading times

If the page takes too long to load, the user is highly likely to just close it and go to
your competitors. And if you link this point to the previous one, you’ll get another
problem — unstable mobile Internet connection.

Meaning, you need to:
  • get rid of all heavy content that takes too long to load;
  • remove scripts that increase page loading times
  • use content formats developed for web (WebP, Jpg-XR, etc.);
  • reduce the size of the HTML code on the pages;
  • use lazy loading

3. Improving the company’s reputation

We’re talking about making the website more appealing in the eyes of Google
YMYL — a web page filtering tool that can influence users regarding the particular
site they’ll spend money on.

This is a brand new search feature that works with websites that accept payments,
as well as sites that can influence the mood, health and well-being of visitors.

How to get on this tool’s “good side”:
  1. Use marketing techniques on all channels where you interact with visitors,
    track their performance, and adjust it if need be.
  2. Focus on brand recognition and building a loyal following for your brand,
    increasing user trust — optimize your consumer service strategies.

4. Protecting personal user data

If users need to input personal data on your website, (login, password, full name,
payment details, etc.), you must ensure the utmost protection of this info users
entrust you with.

To do this, you can use:
  • SSL certificates;
  • anti-fishing plugins;
  • 2FA;
  • financial transaction encryption;
  • etc.

5. Adapting your content for voice commands

All texts on the site must be optimized not only for the search engines people are
used to, but also for voice search systems (voice assistants). Therefore, long
sentences, complex verbal constructions, etc. should be avoided. It is also important
to keep in mind the GEO within which the company operates.

You need to think carefully about the exact way a person will search for a particular
product/service, and then optimize the text for these phrases. Life hack - having a
FAQ section on your site is a great idea, because it usually contains keyword queries
written in the form of questions.

6. Local business growth

You should always try to get not just on the first page of the search results, but at
least in the top 3 results (not counting the ad units, of course). This is absolutely
necessary for the businesses that are trying to survive in niches with fierce competition.

In addition to all of the above, you need to remember that your website should be as
convenient and easy to understand as possible for your TA. And each of its articles
should give an exhaustive answer to the visitor's question so that they don’t not go to
your competitors in search of the info you failed to provide them with.

Contact info:
Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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Is it profitable to develop websites for later casino promotion using RevShare

Before you go creating a website for promoting casinos and making money via
RevShare, you need to understand that this is a long con. There’s no quick profit
to be made here. Therefore, the option is suitable for experienced affiliates who
can already boast getting a dozen “battle scars”, webmasters that have already
worked with the RevShare model and understand all the intricacies of payments
for such offers.

When is there a point to create and promote a website to advertise casinos

via RevShare

The main advantage of RevShare is passive income. But in order to secure it, you
need to invest titanic effort:

  1. Create a thematic site dedicated to casinos (for example, a website featuring
    descriptions of various gambling establishments with affiliate links).
  2. Write a bunch of articles that will be optimized for search engines (SEO)
    taking into account their modern algorithms for ranking sites in the SERP.
  3. Constantly fill the site with high-quality content (better than that of your
    competitors) so as not to lose your position in the search results.
The most difficult thing on this list is SEO (internal, external), as well as constantly
posting high quality articles that readers will actually deem useful (otherwise they’ll
just go to your competitors). Just to be clear — a new website can make its way to
the 1st results page only if you work on it every day. Such a resource must:
  • not contain errors in the code;
  • have good behavioral factor indicators;
  • not be overloaded with ads;
  • respond to user requests as comprehensively as possible;
  • and meet the requirements of search engines.
To achieve this, you need to understand all the intricacies of optimization, follow
SEO trends, and constantly invest your time (money or both) in the development
of your resource. And if you play your cards correctly, you can get genuinely
high-quality relevant traffic as a result, which will bring you passive income via

What if I already have a website? How should I develop it?

Let’s say an affiliate bought a gambling-themed website. They must clearly realize
that search engine bots aren’t the only way to promote a resource. After all, one
of the most important tasks is not only to attract traffic and send it to the affiliate
offer, but also to make sure that:
  1. Visitors not only registered with the casinos, but also actually gambled
    there, constantly made deposits (for this, you need to select really
    high-quality offers).
  2. The traffic is as cheap as possible or makes you a profit quickly
    (here you’ll need website creation and promotion skills, otherwise
    the resource will get to 50-100th place in the ranking and the cost
    of maintaining the site will exceed the income you’ll get from RevShare).

How to tell if RevShare is worth working with?

To understand whether casino advertising will be a profitable option for a
specific website, you need to conduct several tests and analyze their results.
For instance:
  1. Buy contextual ads for a month for your resource (so that it makes its
    way to the top for the right search queries).
  2. Compare the number of transitions to the casino site and the number
    of gamblers who stayed to gamble.
If after a month you can clearly see that your affiliate marketing profits
completely cover the contextual ad expenses, you can go ahead and turn to
SEO to get your website to the top of the search results.

But you need to understand that this is a very long and arduous process that
will require you to solve tons of tasks and problems: fight over users with
your competitors, constantly improve your resource and its content, look
for more profitable offers, etc.

If an affiliate has the skills to create sites and get them to the top of search
results, works with profitable casino affiliate programs and understands that
results will not be quick in the coming, then and only then is there a point in
creating and growing websites to later use them to promote casinos via the
RevShare model.

Contact info:
Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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Services for analyzing website traffic: Top 9 free ones

Platforms for analyzing website traffic allow webmasters and affiliates to solve
many important tasks both when promoting their resource and when choosing a
site to place affiliate ad material on (for example, a banner, an article with
a link, etc.).

What benefits can you get from website traffic analytics services:
  • analyze your competitors and get an understanding of where they get their
    traffic from;
  • find ideas for developing and improving your own project;
  • see which channels are most profitable when it comes to attracting traffic.
And it doesn’t matter whether your website is at the top or not. After all, even if
it’s #1 for all the key queries, you need to constantly invest effort to retain that
position. So it’s important to keep an eye on your competitors and monitor the
attendance dynamics of their projects.

9 best services for website traffic analysis

We have selected 9 free, but extremely effective platforms for tracking website

  1. Semrush — contains a lot of search queries.
  2. Netpeak Checker — offers different metrics for attendance analysis.
  3. Alexa — a comprehensive option for SEO website analysis.
  4. Serpstat — a powerful toolkit for any optimizer and webmaster.
  5. Similar Web — allows you to analyze incoming traffic specifically.
  6. Sitechecker — also checks the attendance rate.
  7. SE Ranking — a kit of optimizer/webmaster analytics tools.
  8. Ahrefs — a toolset for marketers and webmasters.
  9. Ubersuggest — offers the fullest data about website traffic.
The above sites have both free and paid features. But even in their basic versions,
they offer enough tools to understand what keywords your competitors are using
to rank up ,what their SERP for these keywords is, etc.

  • shows visitor statistics;
  • monitors the overall rating of the site every day;
  • shows the GEO distribution of the audience;
  • allows you to manage backlinks;
  • provides reports (limited ones in the free version).
Netpeak Checker:
  • evaluates the website according to more than 100 parameters;
  • allows you to parse competitors' websites;
  • integrates with analytics from Google and Search Console;
  • can scan multiple domains at a time.
  • displays visitor statistics;
  • shows traffic data;
  • allows you to parse websites for key queries;
  • distributes incoming traffic by channels (percentage).
  • shows request trends
  • offers a detailed analysis of each page of the site;
  • displays the percentage of the website’s search visibility;
  • lets you export the collected data.
Similar Web:
  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • shows information about keywords, traffic;
  • displays the visitors’ GEO.
  • boasts high-speed site analysis;
  • modern design and user-friendly interface;
  • each function has a detailed guide for how to use it.
SE Ranking:
  • analyzing the website profoundly according to various indicators;
  • provides detailed reports;
  • allows you to track changes on the page online.
  • analyzes both traffic and website content;
  • shows the website’s SERP history;
  • checks external links.
  • performs in-depth traffic analysis;
  • allows you to download PDF reports;
  • checks the website incredibly quickly.
Many of these resources have forecasting features and display development trends for
a particular resource, as well as offer their own browser extensions that quickly analyze
the website the webmaster is currently visiting. But which specific service to choose?
It all depends on the personal preferences of each particular webmaster. The best
option would be to test everything.

Contact info:
Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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Top iGaming GEO breakdown: Canada

Canadians are one of the most gambling nations and that’s why they make a great
audience for betting and gambling affiliates. But this market is not as simple as it
might seem at first glance. Still, with enough work, it can provide a good ROI.

We’ve prepared a brief guide on Canada that will help you find the right approach
to this GEO.

  • Tier 1 country;
  • solvent audience;
  • gambling and betting establishments are legal;
  • Canadians love buying goods online;
  • many Canadians enjoy gambling and betting.
Cons — fierce competition. Since the pay is better, there are a lot more affiliates in
Tier 1 countries compared to everywhere else.


80% of Canadians use the Internet as a means of communication with each other
and the rest of the world. Popular websites include: Google, Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, Youtube. Canadians also visit adult websites and local news portals.

How to drive traffic to gambling and betting offers

Approximately 20 million Canadians gamble. The pandemic saw 90% of all
land-based establishments close and online forms of entertainment have
become the new norm for people here.

The main language for creatives is French and English, but you can also test
out Chinese, Polish or Italian. There are plenty of native speakers of these languages
who live in Canada and gamble just as actively as regular Canadians. When creating
creatives, it is better to use videos with winnings: Canadians, being avid gamblers,
are most of all attracted by emotions and joy from a big jackpot.


Canadians gamble for the thrill, not for the income. So bank notes won’t cut it here.
You can mention promotions and bonuses during registration.

Thanks to fast and cheap internet, Canadians prefer to access the latter via their
mobile devices. It is best to choose modern slots with a bright design that’s also
adapted for mobile devices.

Canada is still one of the leaders in the gambling vertical. Canadians spend more
money on gambling entertainment than Americans or Britons
. Naturally, to work
with this GEO, you’ll need a decent budget, reliable offers and well-designed
creatives. But the profit you’ll get after getting the job done right is bound to
satisfy you.

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Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
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Evaluating the trust rating of your domain

Domain trust is essentially the website’s SERP. The more search engines trust the
web resource, the easier it is to get it to the top of the search results. Such a
website can boast a higher SERP and find itself at the top much faster.

The level of trust depends on a number of factors: the age of the domain address,
behavioral factors, site optimization, the quality of the content, link mass, etc.

You can use the following services to check your website’s trust rating:
MOZ, Alexa, Majestic and Ahrefs.

How a website’s trust rating is evaluated

To evaluate a domain’s SERP, check the indicators from the table.

Indicator - What it does

MozTrust - General URL trust

Trust Flow - Calculates the number of visits to the target URL via the Majestic

Topical Trust Flow - Shows TrustFlow for the website’s main topic

Citation Flow - Counts the number of sites that link your website's landing page

How the rating is assessed

These indicators will help you find out the ranking of your domain address.

Indicator - What it does

SEMrush Rank - Rates the domain based on organic traffic

Domain Rating - Ahrefs shows you where you are in the overall rankings

Ahrefs Rank - Calculates domain ranking by link mass

Global Rank - Website ranking according to Alexa

Domain Authority - Forecasts SERP

MozRank - Rates the page’s popularity popularity from 1 to 10

How to enhance your trust rating

We have prepared some tips to help you increase the trust rating of your
site in the eyes of search engines:
  • add and update content, use structuring, photos and videos;
  • improve and simplify the usability of your site;
  • use linking within the site;
  • switch to the HTTPS protocol;
  • fix all the errors in html code;
  • increase the link mass only via trusted and thematically-appropriate
This is the bare minimum you need to do in order for search engines to
rank you higher than your competitors.

Contact info:
Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
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The 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing: place your bets

The Beijing Olympic Games will be held from February 4 to 20, with over 4,000
athletes from 95 countries taking part. This is a great theme for your creatives.

We have prepared a convenient schedule for you that will help you keep track of
what countries are participating in which event and when.

2022 Olympic Games Schedule

February 5

Biathlon -
Mixed relay 4 x 6 km


Speed skating - Women’s 3,000 m

Cross-country skiing - Women's 7.5 km + 7.5 km Skiathlon

Ski jumping - Men's Normal Hill Individual Qualification Round

Ski jumping - Women's Normal Hill Individual Trial and Final Round

Luge - Men’s singles

Snowboard - Women’s Slopestyle

Freestyle skiing - Men’s Moguls

Women's ice hockey:

Short Track Speed Skating - Women’s 500 m

Short Track Speed Skating - Men’s 1,000 m

Short Track Speed Skating - Mixed team relay

February 6

Alpine skiing -
Men’s Downhill


Speed skating - Men’s 5,000 m

Cross-country skiing - Men's 15 km + 15 km Skiathlon

Ski jumping - Men’s Normal Hill Individual

Luge - Men’s Singles

Snowboard - Women’s Slopestyle

Snowboard - Men’s Slopestyle

Figure skating - Team competition

Freestyle skiing - Women’s Moguls

Women's ice hockey:

February 7

Biathlon -
Women's 15km Individual

Alpine skiing - Women’s Giant Slalom Run


Speed skating - Women’s 1,500 m

Ski jumping - Mixed Team

Luge - Women’s Singles

Snowboard - Men’s Slopestyle

Figure skating - Team competition

Freestyle skiing - Women’s Freeski Big Air

Freestyle skiing - Men’s Freeski Big Air

Women's ice hockey:

Short Track Speed Skating - Women’s 500 m

Short Track Speed Skating - Men’s 1,000 m

February 8

Biathlon -
Men's 20 km Individual

Alpine skiing - Men’s Super G

Curling - Bronze medal game

Curling - Gold medal game

Speed skating - Men’s 1,500 m

Cross-country skiing - Women’s Sprint Free Qualification

Cross-country skiing - Men’s Sprint Free Qualification

Luge - Women’s Singles

Snowboard - Women's Parallel Giant Slalom

Snowboard - Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom

Figure skating - Men’s Single Skating

Freestyle skiing - Women’s Freeski Big Air

Women's ice hockey:

February 9

Alpine skiing -
Women’s Slalom

Alpine skiing - Men's Alpine Combined Downhill


Nordic Combined - Individual Gundersen Normal Hill/10 km

Luge - Doubles Run

Snowboard - Women’s Halfpipe

Snowboard - Men’s Halfpipe

Snowboard - Women’s Snowboard Cross

Freestyle skiing - Men’s Big Air

Men's Ice hockey:

February 10

Alpine skiing -
Men’s Alpine Combined

Curling (women’s):

Speed skating - Women’s 5,000 m

Cross-country skiing - Women’s 10 km classic

Luge - Team Relay Competition

Skeleton - Men Heat

Snowboard - Women’s Halfpipe

Snowboard - Men’s Snowboard Cross

Figure skating - Men’s Single Skating

Freestyle skiing - Mixed Team Aerials

Men’s Ice hockey:

Contact info:
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Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
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How to improve Google Ads Quality Score to improve the ranking of your

The higher the quality score, the lower the cost per click. And many webmasters
are wondering how to achieve a high Quality Score and save their money. To
see your Quality Score, you need to hover your mouse cursor over a keyword in
your ad account.

Tips and recommendations

The first step is to optimize the ads themselves. Here are some tips to help you:
  1. Keywords should match to real requests.
  2. Titles and descriptions should contain promotional words.
  3. Products need to be divided into subgroups, for example, if you sell
    furniture, then your campaigns should be narrowly categorized:
    wardrobes, kitchen furniture, bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture,
    and so on.
  4. Design clear and simple ads, and make your call to action compelling.
  5. Microdata allows you to add supplementary information for search engine
This way you optimize your ads, and they will more accurately match the “wants”
of your target audience.

The next step is to increase the CTR. To do this, you need to use simple but
persuasive text, as well as describe the benefits and advantages of the product.
To make a good ad, you need to test CTAs, descriptions, and headlines.

If the expected click-through rate exceeds the average value, then the Quality
Score will tend to 10 points. Remember, the expected CTR is based on your past

Now you need to optimize the landing. There are 6 tips:
  1. Make sure your ads lead to a relevant page and that everything on it
    matches the main query.
  2. Technical uniqueness must be high.
  3. Use photos and videos of the product, as well as tables with a comparison
    of each unit.
  4. Navigating the website should be easy and clear.
  5. The website must be adapted for smartphones.
  6. Pages should open quickly and never freeze.
To get the lowest cost per click, you need to aim for a Quality Score of 7 or
higher. If you correctly employ our recommendations, you can easily secure
this indicator.

Contact info:
Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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The 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing: place your bets

The Beijing Olympic Games will be held from February 4 to 20, with over 4,000
athletes from 95 countries taking part. This is a great theme for your creatives.

We have prepared a convenient schedule for you that will help you keep track of
what countries are participating in which event and when.

2022 Olympic Games Schedule

February 11

Biathlon -
Women’s 7.5 km Spring

Alpine skiing - Women’s Super-G

Curling (men’s):

Curling (women’s):

Speed skating - Men’s 10 km

Cross-country skiing - Men’s 15 km Classic

Ski jumping - Men's Large Hill Individual

Skeleton - Women’s

Skeleton - Men’s

Snowboard - Men’s Halfpipe

Women's ice hockey - Quarterfinal

Men’s Ice hockey:

February 12

Biathlon - Men’s 10 km Sprint

Curling (women’s):


Curling (men’s):

Speed skating - Women's Team Pursuit

Speed skating - Men’s 500 m

Cross-country skiing - Women's 4 x 5km Relay

Ski jumping - Men's Large Hill Individual

Skeleton - Women’s

Snowboard - Mixed Snowboard Cross

Figure skating - Ice Dance

Women's ice hockey - Quarterfinal

Men’s Ice hockey:

February 13

Biathlon -
Women's Team 10 km Pursuit

Biathlon - Men’s Team 12.5 km Pursuit

Bobsleigh - Women’s Monobob

Alpine skiing - Men’s Giant Slalom

Alpine skiing - Women’s Downhill

Curling (men’s):

Curling (women’s):

Speed skating - Men's Team Pursuit

Speed skating - Women’s 500 m

Cross-country skiing - Men's 4x 10 km Relay

Freestyle skiing (women’s) - Women’s Freeski Slopestyle

Freestyle skiing (women’s) - Women’s Aerial

Men’s Ice hockey:

Short Track Speed Skating - Men’s 500 m

Bobsleigh - Women’s Monobob

Bobsleigh - 2-man Heat

Alpine skiing - Women’s Downhill

Curling (women’s):

Ski jumping - Men’s Team

Snowboard - Men’s and Women’s Big Air

Figure skating - Free Dance

Freestyle skiing - Men’s and Women’s Slopestyle

Women's ice hockey - Semifinals

February 15

Biathlon -
Men's 4x7.5 km Relay

Bobsleigh - 2-man Heat

Alpine skiing - Women’s Downhill

Curling (men’s):

Curling (women’s):

Speed skating - Women’s and Men’s Team Pursuit

Nordic Combined - Individual Gundersen Large Hill/10 km

Snowboard - Women’s Big Air

Figure skating - Women’s Single Skating

Freestyle skiing - Men’s

Men’s Ice hockey - Qualification Play-off

February 16

Biathlon -
Women's 4x6km Relay

Alpine skiing - Men’s Slalom Women’s Alpine Combined Downhill

Curling (women’s):

Curling (men’s):

Cross-country skiing - Women's Team Sprint Classic

Freestyle skiing - Men’s Aerials

Men’s ice hockey - Quarterfinals

Women's ice hockey - Bronze medal match

Short Track Speed Skating - Women’s 1,500 m

February 17

Alpine skiing -
Women’s Alpine Combined

Men’s Curling:

Men’s Curling - Semifinals

Women’s Curling:

Speed skating - Women’s 1,000 m

Nordic Combined - Team Gundersen Large Hill/4x5 km

Figure skating - Women’s Single Skating

Freestyle skiing - Women’s Halfpipe and Skicross

Women's ice hockey - Gold Medal Match

Contact info:
Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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The 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing: place your bets

The Beijing Olympic Games will be held from February 4 to 20, with over 4,000
athletes from 95 countries taking part. This is a great theme for your creatives.

We have prepared a convenient schedule for you that will help you keep track of
what countries are participating in which event and when.

2022 Olympic Games Schedule

February 18

Biathlon -
Men's 15 km Mass Start

Bobsleigh - 2-woman Heat

Curling (men’s) - Bronze Medal match

Curling (women’s) - Semifinals

Speed skating - Men’s 1,000 m

Figure skating - Pair Skating

Freestyle skiing - Men’s Skicross

Men’s Ice hockey - Men’s Semifinals

February 19

- Women's 12.5 km Mass Start

Bobsleigh - 4-man Heat

Bobsleigh - 2-woman Heat

Alpine skiing - Mixed Team

Curling (men’s) - Gold Medal Match

Curling (women’s) - Bronze Medal Match

Speed skating - Mass start

Cross-country skiing - Men's 50km Mass Start Free

Figure skating - Pair Skating

Freestyle skiing - Men’s Halfpipe

Men’s Ice hockey - Bronze Medal Match

February 20

- 4-man Heat

Curling (women’s) - Gold Medal Match

Cross-country skiing - Women's 30km Mass Start Free

Figure skating - Demonstration Performances

Ice hockey - Gold Medal Match

Contact info:
Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
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Portrait of online casino players in 2022

Everyone tells you to “draw up a portrait of your TA”, but no one ever shares the
one they make. How come? We have described what the average casino-goer
looks like in 2022. This will help you understand the importance of compiling
individual portraits for each individual GEO.

Who is the typical casino player?

A 2017 Geopoll study showed that 78% of all online casino visitors are male.
The average age is 25-34 years, but this figure differs in some countries. For
example, in China many gamblers are over 60. If we talk about income, there
is no noticeable divide between the poor and the wealthy.

In countries where gambling is prohibited, the number of players is higher
than in those where online and offline casinos are legal.

How much and how often do they bet?

The size and frequency of bets depends on the national mentality. For
example, Europeans gable often. The EBGA report for 2019 says that on
average, European casino-goers place bets every 2.5 days.

The British gamble once or twice a week, while Africans spend less but play
daily. At the same time, Kenya alone accounts for about 180 million bets per

What devices do they use?

In recent years, there has been a trend towards mobile gaming. That’s why
casinos are actively adapting their websites to make sure they work
smoothly on small screens and mobile OSs.

Moreover, by the end of this year, the share of people who gamble on their
phones will overtake the number of PC users. For example, as far as 2019,
50% of all British gamblers placed bets via their smartphone. The majority
of such players are between the ages of 18 and 34. In Kenya, this number
exceeds 80%

What do modern gamblers play?

Tastes vary by region. In Europe, Australia and Canada, people love slots,
blackjack, roulette and baccarat. In Africa, they prefer sports bets. Asians
love regional slots. And Indians have tastes similar to Europeans.

This is a very generalized portrait of the average gambler in 2022. It is
precisely because there are no common habits and tastes that no one has
shared that desired universal portrait that would be able to characterize
every audience.

Contact info:
Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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Where to get bank cards for affiliate marketing: 5 card issuing services

For a long time, webmasters just got virtual Qiwi or Yandex.Money cards,
attached them to their Facebook Ad accounts (AA) and drove traffic like that.
But nothing lasts forever, especially when we’re talking about Facebook, that’s
why requirements for bank cards became stricter.

We have selected 5 reliable services that you can use when working with
Facebook in 2022

Qiwi Master

Card issue cost:
$1.32 and $2.65;

Service cost: $40 a year;

Card limit: Unlimited;

Free card issue: 5 cards after purchase;

Payment system: VISA.

Cards are easily linked to Facebook, Vkontakte and TikTok ad accounts. You
can top-up your account charge-free.


Card issue cost:

Service cost: 3€;

Card limit: 5;

Free card issue: - ;

Payment system: VISA and MasterCard.

The cards of this payment system are easily linked to Facebook and the
platform also trusts them. EU citizens can request an unlimited number of
MasterCards, everyone else is limited to 5.

Advanced Cash

Card issue cost:

Service cost: $30-60/year;

Card limit: 2 per account;

Free card issue: - ;

Payment system: VISA.

The cost is high, but due to a non-burned-out BIN, Facebook is sure to
accept the card allowing you to attach it to your AA. The service charges a
2.95% fee.


Card issue cost:

Service cost: $0;

Card limit: unlimited;

Free card issue: - ;

Payment system: MasterCard.

The company guarantees that Facebook will accept their cards. Fees
range between 1% and 7%


Card issue cost:

Service cost: $0;

Card limit: unlimited;

Free card issue: - ;

Payment system: MasterCard.

These cards are great for Facebook, plus you can get a physical card
in addition to the virtual one. The card is issued with a US BIN

As you can see, the market is chock-full of services that issue virtual
cards for webmasters. Some of them ask you to verify your identity,
while others require you to first earn an invitation. Don’t cheap out
on bank cards for Facebook to avoid losing good accounts and
getting banned often.

Contact info:
Skype: live:.cid.dfe175be2417cd13
Telegram: no_url_shorteners/BiamoPartnersSup
Email: [email protected]
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