auction Bermuda Flights . com - Aged 12 years, Taken in 4 TLDs, Starting at $14


Description: Taken in 4 extensions/TLDs. Phrase search volume, according to SearchVolume.io: 720 (US), 210 (UK). Saw.com appraisal tool value: $1,000. GoDaddy appraisal tool value: $1,650.

Registrar: GoDaddy
Expiration: 4/15/23
Age: 12 years
Minimum Bid: $14
Increments: $1 or more
Transfer: Push to GD account only
Auction Ends: 72 hours after last bid
Payment: PayPal

I will remove this information after the auction ends.

Please only bid if you have a PayPal account and don't have more negative than positive NP feedback. Thank you.
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