Be careful at NameJet pre-release auctions

Located in Warnings and Alerts started by tonecas, Jan 18, 2010.


  1. Kate

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    It IS a scam.

    It's shill bidding, in other words fraud. And no marketplace can condone fraud.
    In the financial world that should qualify as stock manipulation or insider trading or something like that.
    This is not a good comparison, seating diners by the window would be more like a featured listing on the home page of A shill bid is when the restaurant jacks up the price of the menu while you've begun to eat.

    That kind of "slightly deceptive" game is also a sure way to get banned from NP and other forums.

    Yes, people shouldn't place bids like lemmings but two wrongs don't make a right.

    The purpose of shill bidding is not just to "start the ball rolling" or make the domain look more attractive - often it is a way of artificially driving prices up at the expense of legit bidders.
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  2. domainnametank

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    True that shill bidding is wrong, but as a buyer I always do my due diligence when buying domains. Whether it be for SEO purposes or the value of a name, I have a price I'm willing to pay and I stick to that.
  3. Jordan22111

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    Never get pre release anything, you are putting your ideas out there in hopes to get them registered. Wait for live auctions and expired domains or register brand new domain names.
  4. Kamaz

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    There is something very wrong on Namejet and I don't know why.

    There are plenty of domains that go to the auction daily on Prerelease, Their history makes no sense, Keeps loading and loading.

    All of the names go to a seller on Sedo, called Cayman Islands, check this out:

    All domains are listed for sale on Sedo first, 500$USD Make an offer.

    These activities waste us time...That's it!!

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