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    Hi All,

    I need some assistance in implementing bayes using JAM SPamassassin which I am trying to get working on a staging server.

    We use linux currently which works great but trying to get this working properly on a windows server aswell.

    So far I see there is a sa-learn.exe file that I assume needs to somehow be used.
    I've also created a folder called bayes and uncommented the following lines in

    # Use Bayesian classifier (default: 1)
    use_bayes 1
    bayes_path D:/testpath

    # Bayesian classifier auto-learning (default: 1)
    bayes_auto_learn 1

    What else needs to be done and how do I use sa-learn with spamd to get this working. Thanks

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    I've also just install hmailserver to work with it. Any tips ? :)
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