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    Description: is a platform for free educational quizzes. At present, users get 15 minutes to answer 50 basic questions on a topic. Even without any marketing, it gets 1000+ pageviews / day. 350,000 people have taken a test on Basicversity.

    The website contains evergreen educational content. There are 100,000 questions / terms in 1100+ quiz sets and 100+ subjects. I wanted to create a big platform / community around quizzes...the philosophy being ' study anywhere, just test your knowledge on Basicversity. It got a good response right from start.

    Website software: Php / mysql based.
    There is a backend for adding questions. Script can be easily edited to add more question types.
    The site is so far running on auto pilot.

    Minimum Price: 2000 USD
    BIN: (Will share later)
    Domain Registrar:
    Domain Expiry: Sep 2021

    Revenue: Last 1 month (Apr 1, 2021 - May 1, 2021) $220
    Last 6 months
    (Nov 1, 2020 - Apr 30, 2021) $1200

    Traffic: Last 6 months 139000 unique pageviews / 197000 total pageviews

    Payment Options: Paypal, Direct Bank transfer

    Ideal buyer: You are interested in educational websites. Improve the site by adding more quizzes, educational blog and online marketing. I haven't done any SEO.

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