Showcase your Avatar domains here. Also showcase terms that relate to it like skins and mods

I know a lot of you have been investing in Avatar domains so thought it deserved it's own thread. I myself am very bullish on them. I see this area exploding in the near future especially as live NFT type Avatars come to the market and there has been some good news on them lately

This week I acquired 2 premium Avatar domains in
Avatar Store ./com
Avatar Shop ./com

I also handregged a few too. Happy hunting mates! Very exciting times for us all in these niches!


Have you ever been able to sell one of these dash-filled names?

Or are you just hanging out?

Good question. I have sold one so far - a 3 word domain with 2 hyphens for $500 bucks...cost me $10...not a bad ROI on one domain name...I understand they are not for everyone and I appreciate any feedback...However, they are for the future when the trend may or may not catch on...watch this space...I will announce any further sales as appropriate.

Have a good day.