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Hello to all,

I am selling starter Arcade Gaming site (playarcade.me)

Domain Name: playarcade.me
Registered With: Hostinger
Expires: 15/12/2022
Price or Starting Bid: 10
Methods of Payment
If Auction: Yes
Auction End Date: 31/12/2021
BIN (Buy It Now) Price: 59$
Proof of ownership:


No technical knowledge is needed or any effort for that matter. It's basically a Plug n' Play deal. Get your own Arcade Gaming platform that is automatically updated with new releases daily. This WEBSITE is basically hands-off and works on its own. Games are fetched and published automatically with integrated ads as well as AFFILIATE OFFERS with your links. Additionally, you're getting a high-value, exact keyword-matched premium domain name.

✅✅✅ WHAT'S IN IT FOR ME? ✅✅✅
1. Fully Developed Autopilot Arcade Website Already Preloaded With 500+ Games.
2. Ad Slots & Placements for any type of campaign including Google Adsense (Interstitial Ads in-game, leaderboard/square ads around the website + more).
3. Mobile Responsive & Clean Design for maximum SEO results.
4. Several Passive Income opportunities which you can tap into almost instantly.
5. Publisher Approved & Monetization-Ready Arcade Platform.

✅✅✅ Site URL: playarcade.me

✅✅✅ Valuable keywords: arcade, play and free are high-value keywords that have an average sale price of $2402 and $2265. Popular keywords: free and play are widely used keywords.
Short Domain: It's a short and memorable domain name that is less than 15 characters. HOWEVER... If you somehow want to pass up on this domain and want to use your own because it's better, or for any other reason, then we can arrange that for you at no extra cost.


✅✅✅✅ playarcade.me Domain Name
✅ Website & Database Files
✅ Free Domain Transfer/Push to Namecheap
✅ Help with Website Transfer
✅ $59/Year SEO Plugin Included for FREE!
✅ $50 Arcade CMS Plugin Included for FREE!
✅ More than $250 worth of additional ADDONS included for FREE! ✅ All Website Content & Graphics
✅ Preloaded with 500+ Games with Integrated Ads
✅ Automatic Game Fetching & Publishing
✅ Cloaked Affiliate Links
✅ Logo included
✅ Favicon included
✅ Free SSL (if your hosting allows)
✅ SEO Optimized Website
✅ Easy to manage CMS-based website (no coding skills needed).
✅ Website optimized for fast loading to give the best customer experience.
✅ Full support to get you up and running.
✅ Content is automatically added to the website every day.
✅ All available LEGAL pages.
✅ Ready to earn Ad Revenue with approved Game Distributor.
✅ Ready to earn money with ClickBank, Amazon, PropellerAds or any Affiliate program you want. How's this for value? You cannot purchase anything off this list and get away with a price tag under $600. It's IMPOSSIBLE. This is a value-packed deal and ready-made business for you to instantly start capitalizing on.
✅✅✅ Gaming Niche
✅✅✅ Gaming Industry is set to pass the $200 billion mark by 2023. To put it in perspective, the global film industry is around the $100 billion mark which it hit just 2 years ago. It is an ever-growing niche and the industry is only going to be booming for the coming years as we continue to adapt. That is only great news for you who has the opportunity here to grab a share of that enormous pie.

✅✅✅ Frequently Asked Questions

✅✅✅ How Can I Earn Revenue With This Website
The website contains highly attractive and stealthy Gaming-related affiliate product advertisements. Furthermore, the site has interstitial ads within the games both from the distributor and of course your own (you get a share of the Distributor's ad revenue). When people click on the ads on your site, they will be redirected to affiliate offers. Whenever they put their emails or buy something while being referred using your affiliate links, you receive Affiliate Commissions which is a percentage of the initial earnings. In simple words, you can earn revenue from in-game ads and from the affiliate ads that are scattered around the website. Additionally, you can sell ad space on the website for extra income.
Can a Complete Beginner Run This Website? Absolutely. This website is built on WordPress which is a CMS-based platform (Content Management System) with an integrated admin panel. It's mostly Drag n' Drop functionality with options to choose desired colors, texts, fonts, styles and so much more. No coding or technical knowledge is needed.
How Much Work In Order To Start Earning? Most of the heavy-lifting has already been done and all you basically need to do is replace our affiliate links with yours. You can also add your own ads and use other affiliate programs. Basically, you're not limited to the ones on the website.
How Exactly Do I Earn Revenue From The Games? Games on the website have a preloader ad which can be anything you set it to (Affiliate offer, AdSense, etc), and also in-game ads that are managed by the game distributor which pays you 45% of all ad revenue coming from your website. The site is already approved by a popular game distributor.
Can I Get Paid Even If I'm Located In a Less Popular Country? Sure. You can run this website and earn from it despite your location. Most affiliate programs have worldwide support and various payout options.
What Expenses Are There? Hosting and Domain name fees.
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I insert embed link. For stats and revenue I don't have it because It's new site.


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Hi sorry for late reply. It's Wordpress. But site is sold so thread can be closed.

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