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Some tools in domaining, like expired domain sites...they're somewhat AI powered search tools, and do help me. The other categories mentioned...maybe, but not that I can think of with regards to any significant "edge", at least for my needs. Maybe if you're more serious, you'll naturally explore / use more things, requiring further analytics, deeper depths of data...but I'm a simple man. A simple man that looks up expired / expiring domains, has a peak at the odd auction, looks at reported sales, buying domains that are available and solid at a fair price...nothing too clever or in-depth, that maybe others would engage in
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How has the knowledge of Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning helped you as a domain investor?
Data science is often depicted as a field that lies at the intersection of computer science, mathematics/statistics, and domain-specific expertise. Why is domain knowledge important in data science?
In fact, the application of domain knowledge must be pervasive throughout the data science process in order for it to be effective.
Domain knowledge can often help us reach this precision and accuracy. For example, if we want to build a recommender system for an e-commerce platform, we need to understand how users browse online-stores

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Although it is frequently employed with AI, machine learning (ML) is actually a subset of AI. An AI system that can learn by itself using an algorithm is referred to as ML. Without human interaction, machine learning (ML) is a class of systems that continuously improves. A machine learning (ML) technique used on big data sets is called deep learning (DL).
Application Development as well as for usage as a scripting or glue language to tie existing components together due to its high-level built-in data structures, dynamic typing, and dynamic binding. Python’s straightforward syntax prioritizes readability and makes it simple to learn, which lowers the cost of program maintenance. Python’s support for modules and packages promotes the modularity and reuse of code in programs. For all popular platforms, the Python interpreter and the comprehensive standard library are freely distributable and available in source or binary form. l

Machine learning
The area of computer science known as machine learning (ML) essentially enables computer systems to make sense of data in a manner similar to that of humans. ML, or machine learning, is a type of artificial intelligence that use an algorithm or technique to extract patterns from unstructured data. Allowing computers to learn from experience without explicit programming or human involvement is the main goal of machine learning (ML).

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