domain appic .io - got my first offer ever! How much is it worth?


Hub Hoi An

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Hey guys!
I was made an offer for appic .io - and I will share the number with you in 1-2 days if you're curious. It was via the GoDaddy domain service.

But first I'd love to know from you guys how much you think it's worth.
I'll take the risk / don't think it would be a major issue. If they do, they can send me a PM and save on the godaddy commission ;)
So how much do you think it might be worth?
Oh, and I almost forgot, I also own appic.co - how do you usually appraise packages with two endings

Anything over low to mid xxx and I would sell it, its not a real word so its pretty limited

Thats not the reason you shouldnt post it lol. Just dont take risks in domaining, it will can and will lead to lost sales. If a buyer was willing to pay $5K or $10k and he comes on here and sees apprasals for $250, what do you think he'll do? Its just not worth it when you can type "I have the Appic in the io extension" (just an example)

Good luck
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