Anyone had an offer like this on Epik?

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  1. Makbliss

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    5A406C80-250A-444C-A6FB-3F0105CB8627.jpeg Just got this email that I had an inquiry on one of my domains only to see a lengthy sales pitch, and no offer of course.

    Anyone ever received something similar?

    I Hope this isn’t the start of some spam flood gates opening, not sure if Epik has a way to filter or prevent “offers” like this being sent.

    Also have had 4-5 offers recently for $0, free, annoying.
    I would love it if this could also be prevented instead of having to set a dollar limit as min offer.
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  2. pb

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    About one in ten "offers" I get through epik are actually offers or sale inquiries.
  3. uzver

    uzver Established Member PRO

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    Just a common spam message.

    I get these from time to time on my landers despite having (crazy) google recaptcha installed.

    You can’t stop people from spamming manually....
  4. Mister Funsky

    Mister Funsky Top Contributor VIP

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    Every now and then one of these clowns gets through. I take a couple minutes to send them an email outlining what I will do if they pull this crap again on any other one of the hundreds of domains I have registered.
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  5. brandpainvestment

    brandpainvestment Established Member

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    Till now i have not received anything similar from Epik.
  6. MysticHero

    MysticHero Established Member

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    This is usual spam. They want to sell their SEO services to you. Epik should remove the "send a message" field like other platforms.
  7. Rob Monster

    Rob Monster CEO, Epik Staff PRO VIP

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    Comments here:

    1. We filter out most spam. The spam detection engine is not overly aggressive so you will occasionally get someone sending a promo through, especially if it is being done manually as is usually the case when they get through like this one. Unlike most landers, we do actually give you their full contact details in case you want to reply or report them for spamming.

    2. You can turn off the Contact Widget in the marketplace lander setup. You can see an example here:

  8. Intelliname

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    I've had near to 25,000 names listed over the years on various platforms. Any platform that facilitates the added bonus of CRM-based communications can be subject to it, but have found it to be very rare at Epik. It is amazing that the Epik platform facilitates such open and transparent communications as it is, a testament to care for customers and the desire to empower real connections between Sellers and Buyers.

    Most domain investors realize the two-sided sword that dealing in domains can bring. I try to take the good with the bad, and often people stumble across domains they have no idea are for sale. As a domain investor myself, I stay pretty rooted in the appreciation that I even have some of the names I do. With COVID and stimulus checks here in the US, you wouldn't imagine the messages i get on getmycheck(.)com as one example. I try not to be disappointed by it though. I simply encourage them to redirect their focus to the right place, and say a prayer for them. Life is like that. You can lift others up with the opportunities placed in our path, or share your disappointment with others. Ultimately though, I'll take a handful of contacts I don't want any day at the cost of such an amazing communications system, that allows me to also set near any option for contact, offer, lease or BIN's I could ever imagine. It is part of the selling process, and sometimes a bit of chaos can lead to amazing and wonderful things!

    Have a great Friday!
  9. Mister Funsky

    Mister Funsky Top Contributor VIP

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    Just to clarify my post above, I get spam 'offers' through all is just part of the biz. But I do let those that use an 'offer' form to buy a domain name as a way to promote themselves that they are barking up the wrong tree.

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