Any stats on sales of undeveloped vs domains w/ backlinks?

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    I have a buyer interested in a name but is citing that due to the name not having any backlinks it's not worth as much as I am asking.

    They actually already and probably for the future will turn up first for this name in Google so it's not like they really need the back-links IMO, not sure if this name would even become their primary domain. I am hoping to cite them something that shows how most domain name sales such as likely the dozens of comps I have pointed out to them along with links to namebio results, are for undeveloped names without back-links.

    It may be just a way they found to justify a lower counter bid and to encourage a lower price from me, but if I can address their point with some 3rd party info that would help my position.

    This sale is under $3k.
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