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Anti-money laundering: Provisional agreement reached on transparency of crypto asset transfers​

The EU is making it more difficult for criminals to misuse crypto currencies for criminal purposes. Negotiators from the Council presidency and the European Parliament have reached a provisional agreement on the proposal updating the rules on information accompanying the transfers of funds by extending the scope of those rules to transfers of crypto assets. The introduction of this “travel rule” will ensure financial transparency on exchanges in crypto-assets and will provide the EU with a solid and proportional framework that complies with the most demanding international standards on the exchange of crypto-assets, in particular recommendations 15 and 16 of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the global money laundering and terrorist financing watchdog. This is especially timely in the current geopolitical context.

The aim of this recast is to introduce an obligation for crypto asset service providers to collect and make accessible certain information about the originator and the beneficiary of the transfers of crypto assets they operate. This is what payment service providers currently do for wire transfers. This will ensure traceability of crypto-asset transfers in order to be able to better identify possible suspicious transactions and block them.

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funny thing about these laws is they always make life more complex for non criminals than criminals... who just keep on hacking away... then.again maybe going after the good.normal folk under pretext of criminals is the whole point anyway

D Haynes

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I mean i really don't see any advantage of crypto over fiat at this point. They're basically one and the same except you're way more likely to lose money with crypto.
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