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The question is why would you rather have abc.xyz over abc.com or abbccc.xyz over abbccc.com.

So if 3d.com and 3d.xyz were both available to register at the same price, and you could only register one of them, you would register 3d.xyz and allow someone else to register 3d.com?
Your answers are really inaccurate and you miss the point
The thing is that there is no international extension that is not limited to niches other than .COM and .XYZ
As you can see there are no alternatives to .COM only XYZ
That is why the situation today is
That there is no longer a availability of KEYWORDS for a huge variety of niches and in the global field with the COM extension
XYZ is the new generation created following the demand for .COM
Only it comes much more innovative and with much better availability stock...

Over time the value will rise even above the COM extension
So to your answer XYZ is the only alternative in the world since it is global and not limited to niche
And as of today the year 2021 seems to be the natural choice of most corporations / capital / private owners
That’s a big “if” and what I predicted is about future user’s thoughts, and if both are selling for the same price that means they have gained same reputation, in that case then yes I will choose .xyz over .com

That's the point. It's fantasy to pretend they have the same reputation, and yet some people are claiming .XYZ has a better reputation.

Because I am a human from this planet.

Another non-answer that answers the question. :xf.smile:


Another non-answer that answers the question.

There are no "non - answers", there are only answers - we just need to understand their message.
I answered your question.
Let me know if you have another one - even if it is the same *

* the same question can be answered in various ways and the way how I answered your question was necessary in regards to your absurd claim that there "... isn't a single person on the planet who would rather have a name in .xyz over the same name in .com, and we all know it ..."
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Most of her sales in the past are now live much better proposition compare to other domain extensions. Please check (use .xyz after these names) Agora, Gild, Squid, Tribes, Metaphor, Flip, Optics, Paradigm (just for your information this one is $2.5 billion company and they preferred XYZ extension) and many more...

She has established herself as one stop shop for XYZ domains and people from related sectors know this. A big achievement, just check Twitter specially people working in the DAO, NFTs & Crypto sectors and you will find many examples. She spent more than 5 years in building such portfolio, trusted in extension when no one and therefore she deserve all successes. More power to her...

I am learning everyday and building small XYZ portfolio and wishing her continue success as it will only help domainers like me.

Best wishes!

she got 20k best names. it goes without saying u or me or anyone can't build or own anything other than a tiny xyz folio...of sellable. some low IQ folk out there seem to think everyone can own a folio of 20k sellable xyz names lol
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