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Should NamePros allow anonymous voting?

  • This poll is still running and the standings may change.
  • This poll is still running and the standings may change.

Why is anonymous voting a thing on NamePros?

First of all it limits actual engagement.

There are already multiple ways to engage. People can comment, click thanks, like, dislike, agree, or disagree.

Secondly, there seems to be an army of trolls going around leaving anonymous downvotes on comment after comment. This seems to be far more of an issue on some topics than others.

The anonymity seems to encourage bad behavior by some.

Also, I would love to see more information on the voting itself. I know the amount of votes you can make scales based on various factors. Do you have any more information on that?

I tend to limit the amount of upvotes I make as it skews the system.

I hardly ever downvote. I would prefer to leave a comment and/or dislike or disagree with the comment.

I think NamePros really needs to think about this anonymous voting system.
It brings far more negative than positive IMO.

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If this poll was anonymous myself and I am sure many others would've already voted.

I see the trolls too and see the other issues you mentioned, but by forcing public polls you will lose a chunk of voters and many of the troll accounts will continue voting and you will have to spend time figuring out which account is a troll account etc.

Even now that I made by opinion clear on this, I find it difficult to vote in this public poll. Maybe it's time I see a shrink.


I voted for "Other" because ...

... my stance is that nP should at least not (continue to) allow anonymous downvoting (no problem if they (continue to) allow anonymous upvoting) and that they should remove this option instantly and ...

... I was always wondering why they implemented it at all as ultimately it is only supporting those who do not dare to downvote openly and supporting such a behavior isn't helping anyone at the end.
No, because I believe it provides no value to the community. It's lazy and people can subscribe to you and just down vote every post...

The down voters seem to think that their down voting somehow negates valid opinions that oppose their own, but it doesn't, just discourages the valuable input in the first place imho.
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I think I've downvoted two posts, & for good reason, didn't take away more than 10 of their "impact" but I think I also left a public dislike, & that would've sufficed, but I still used it, funny how it tempts you.

It's really about taking away somebody's "impact points", & some will abuse it just because they can do it anonymously. Others will use it to give those they like a bunch of points for every post, because some are here for likes & upvotes.

I voted no, no need for it.
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